You are not entitled

Woke up logged on and all my armor fell off me and I cannot put it back on as “I am not entitled” and its all faded out…


I’ve never heard of this, I have to assume this is due to a hotfix on armors with the illusory spell on them. Can you post a screenshot?

Sadly I had to create a forum account to post this and it says I am too new. I did however in the meantime re-verify my steam files and now it seems to work.

This is something that has come up. If you lose connection to the live server - or something of that sort. It’s an issue that has come up in this last week, sadly I don’t have any links to the other posts


I posted a bug on this. This is caused by not being able to access the bazaar server. It tries to validate you can wear and equip the items and if it cannot communicate with the server, defaults to you cannot. I have been logging in naked a few times now. Once during a purge where I couldn’t equip my gear lol.


Yeah, so much fun to log in and find yourself naked. Not something I expected so I didn’t notice for a hot minute till the first mob I ran into nearly ripped me apart because I had no armor on.

Noticed it too, seems like some bought stuff isn’t usable when you don’t have the corresponding DLC.

Funcom shouldn’t do this and allow all armour and illusions to be worn by everyone.


I had the same bug with my undead horse from battlepass. I couldnt mount it cause I got the same “not entitled” error message. I could still use my normal horse, just not the BP one. This error did go away on its own in a few hours though. I suspect its a glitch or a network error in the authentication server which checks whether you have access to your DLC.


A community manager or developer should really clarify this choice here…
Not able to use stuff because someone doesn’t own the item seems not right.

For both players that have and not have the items.

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What would them explaining why it doesn’t profit them from having one person buy the bazaar item and then flip the finger and give it to all their friends being a choice do for you?

The bazaar and battlepass items exist to make money. It goes counter to making money if one person can buy it and then give it freely out to everyone else.

The other DLC being so cheap and shareable is not an answer. It is a reflection of a past model where making continuous money was not as high a goal for the publishing company as it is as of now (today).

This is a new model now.

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The new model is producing new kinds of game-breaking bugs. I don’t use the “game-breaking” lightly, but if you can get steamrolled by a purge or an enemy because Funcom’s entitlement service isn’t sufficiently available or because their entitlement-checking code isn’t robust enough, I’d say it’s a well-deserved epithet.

It also might go counter to making money if you make people not want to spend money on stuff that might screw up their gameplay. :man_shrugging:


I get your logic but there is something to be said for having a streamlined product. If the intention of updates is to attract a new playerbase those people need to understand the rules of the game. And having a hodge podge of rules for x type of item because it’s on the old system vs y item on the new system is incredibly convoluted, and will definitely turn off some new players. Also as Codemage pointed out it also creates a significant issue once the entitlement code stops working / isn’t synching correctly. This company has a bad rep of rolling out updates half-assed, which IMO is the largest issue here.

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Yes. Bugs suck.

I don’t disagree with anything that you said.

However my response was to someone complaining about the market / battlepass and demanding an explanation on why it was introduced when before you could just give items away and everyone could use them.

That they released it with bugs etc is on them to fix. The items would be bugged the same way if it was DLC that operated as it did before minus now needing to tap into a server to verify your purchases)

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There is probably a reason the bazaar is not fishing out new content yet. I believe this bug is getting worked on.

Yeah I definitely get your point. I can tell you with 100% certainty now that even if I wanted to buy something from the bazaar in the future that I wouldn’t because I don’t want to risk my armor or weapons stop working when I need them to.

The constant need to check permission is not good.
Instead, let the game check for an explicit lack of permission and allow otherwise.
This would allow offline use just fine and prevent a server or connectivity hiccup from unequipping purchased goods.

Pinioning the ability to use purchased content to a connection to the live service is a touch disingenuous.


I know I’m not the only one who would buy things to benefit the group of players they play with. I purchased every single dlc, twice (for a friend) - so that more people could do this also. Share. Build building pierces or trade armor sets. To me, this is an incentive to not confine to buy their content.

I’m not delusioned to think that this in part or whole would change things on their end. I acknowledge that I am no longer part of their target market, and that’s fine.

Everyone’s different. On my servers, most people only bought the base game. A few bought dlc, but usually select dlc, like the one style they really liked and thats it. Its working the same now with the bazaar. They are buying the things they like and thats it.

I would say only they have the marketing data and telemetry to really understand just what their old dlc model was making and I have a feeling based on my own experience that it wasn’t as much as the community is liking to think - and that the new model will be more profitable for them.

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