Game mode: Online Official Server
Problem: Thralls/Pets fall through ceiling pieces when on follow
Region: NA USA

Please… PLEASE disable fall damage on thralls/pets. There is no point in adding “immersion” in this area when you’re just going to make them teleport. If you’re thinking “immersion”, replace that word with “irritation”.

I have very large, complicated structures. This bug does not happen all the time. However, it has happened enough times over the past week to the point where I have lost 3 snowhunters, a greater sabertooth, and a boar. I have lost far more than this since first beginning my journey in this game. The event log is so full of miscellaneous stuff from my clan members doing stuff that I don’t know when/where exactly the servant(s) actually died. Console players STILL cannot scroll up/down chat/menu/event logs. For PS4, why not just make the PS4 remote’s touch pad the scroll wheel?

Please do not try to fix some other aspect of the game, thinking that it will end up making this issue better. Until you get a complete and total fix ready, PLEASE band-aid this by disabling fall damage for thralls/pets.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Create a 20 high pillar
  2. add a ceiling to the top of the pillar
  3. create a ceiling “road”
  4. add pillars from the fourth ceiling to the ground and continue making your road until it is 40 ceilings long
    4b. (optional)- Add zigzag formation to your road
  5. put a thrall/pet on follow and climb to the top and run along the road
  6. run back and fourth along your road 10 times.
  7. watch your servants die via teleportation stroke.


  1. put thrall/pet on follow
  2. go up and down a really tall elevator multiple times

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