Getting betrayed from clan mates after we helped them recover from a wipe



That’s garbage that you dragged the kids parents into it. You lost, ya it was from deceit but that is part of the war. You took it to far in my eyes. This is a game and you tried to get them in trouble in real life for something that you fell for. I hope the kids get back on and raid you non stop.


Then you might want to hit up on 1110. I’ve looked into that server because a few people I stumbled upon moved there. Yes, pvp server.
Its so toxic - at least that means its lively.


I think you misunderstand. I didn’t do anything like that. Some other player in the server did it and my other clan mate got him involved. I just came in late hearing about it. Honestly, I thought it was a little funny but again. I had nothing to do with it. In a way I didn’t lose at all. They gave me back all the stuff they took and I even let it go holding no grudges. But then they went out telling everyone in the server I did them wrong. Making lies about me wiping them. They even told the people who (supposedly) wiped them before my clan mate offered our help. Everyone in the server told them to back off and didn’t want to start another war. One player gave them a friendly warning but the kids kept acting tough. The kids then said they will wipe one of the strongest clans in the server and the leader then somehow convinced the kids to get their mom on the mic. It lead to the ridiculous conclusion and the server is now not having that problem. Lol


Reading this thread gives a different perspective on wanting the ability to see clan mates on your map … or rather them being able to locate you at all times…
so @Tascha re: adding the ability to see clan mates on our maps … if added please could this be able to be turned Off by a player so that they are not visible to their clan-mates … and this be noted on the clan list so others know that they have it off.
Not only for PvP but also relevant for RP or events such as bounty hunting etc.


I’ll bring that up as an optional feature for the mechanic :slight_smile:


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