Getting Kicked when others logon?

We have a small 10 slot server on G-Portal that only 3 people use currently. When people are online and another tries to join it kicks the people off the server. They can log back on though and, generally, it doesn’t kick those that got online that kicked them off, off… Does that make sense?

So, I logon and then some logs on, I get kicked and log back on, we’re both on and all is fine.

Now two of us are on but when the third comes on it kicks us both, he stays on. We can log back on and all three are there.

This is a very recent thing that has only started since the post Halloween patch. We do use mods but I’ve looked around and no one seems to be reporting it from a Mod, at least not beyond the odd server glitch that I’ve seen.

Any thoughts?

That was happening on official #1999 aswell some weeks ago, now it stopped kicking out players, only infinite loading&death screens. “Only” heh

Experiencing similar problem from time to time
Which mods do you use?

Quite a few actually… AoC, Pippi, Pickup… I’m almost positive it’s not a mod issue in and of itself because we can log back on and the person that kicked me isn’t kicked when I log in. I’m leaning towards it being a GPortal issue and that I’ll have to wipe the mods and re-download them or upload via FTP.

We have GTXgaming, so might not be that

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