Getting stuck in a Rhino while blocking

So I was testing out the changes to shields today. I am still getting stuck inside of the rhino attack, and then cant get out of it. It happened to me probably 4 times while fighting 10 rhinos. This is a persistent problem that has been around for a long time. Why would we want shields changed when there are more pressing matters like this still in game. This is like putting a band-aid and medicine beside a wound and hoping it will heal because its close enough!!

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Just rub the belly it will be better… until you stop then die but hey it prolonged your life by 6 seconds left lol :joy:

Even worse, if you do get stuck inside of King Rhino, the shield is your only savior (unless you have friends or a thrall that can handle it).

The new changes to block present an additional challenge to dealing with “inside the rhino” issues that have existed for as long as I’ve played this game.

Look sideways and smack the jump button, that helps.
Would be better if we didn’t even get stuck though, but we can hope they’ll fix it someday.

Hey there,

Thanks for the heads-up. We’ll send Rhinos back to Personal Space 101 Ted talks right next to the Sepermeru tavern in hopes they reconsider the concept of intimacy.


Just to add to the report - I can say that on testlive, follower rhinos do appear to have taken the Personal Space lessons to heart and are behaving far better. It seems it is only their wild cousins that haven’t yet got the message.


We’ll send the invitations to the wilder side of their family, then. Thanks for the clarification.


Excellent clarification. I seem to kill the regular rhinos fast enough that they don’t mesh me but the King Rhino is a real jerk!



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