Sepermeru: Black Rhino

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When fighting the black rhino in front of Sepermeru you get stuck in the head of the animal.

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King Rhino you mean? (just so we all on same page)

Yes, the black king rhino. As you can see in the screenshot, I am stuck and cannot move.

Oh… more of Grey i guess? (Black Rhino is at Oasis) King Rhino is at Sep.

Usually crouching works to get out of it.

It happens a lot but if you rub his belly he might not be so ruff

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Has the developer already received any feedback on this?

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Been happening for over a year so yeah but it’s slowly getting better

Yes, multiple times.

It’s being flagged again in this thread as well: Getting stuck in a Rhino while blocking

Died while stuck in him yesterday. Have no idea how much damage was done to him since I couldn’t see much of anything.

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Are you sure you weren’t impaled? :grin:

I agree that the health bar needs to move back into the view area.

I like how the health bars automatically show whose in combat mode. It’s better than WoW’s finger doodle to toggle it. Now only if it would automatically show on the mob that takes a beat from the follower.

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I may have been in his lower intestine at one point and the scorpion was no help either.

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Hey @Bevalier

We’re aware of the issue as it was reported recently.

World Rhinos are on their way to Personal Space 101.

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