Ghost Login/ Failure to Authenticate on Private Server

So I’ve set up a new server with mods on AGS hosting. I’ve noticed a problem when I try to log into the server after starting up the game for the first time. I will have a long load time when I try to enter the server. Watching the server logs in real time I can see the failed login attempt, it registers as a time out. I get a message in game as Failed to Join requested game. Subsequent attempts to join return a Failure to Authenticate error.

On the server side of things, it shows a player connected to the server (no one else is on, only my initial login attempt) There is a slot filled on the server but no players are in the player list. Any new attempt to lo in is met with a rejection by the server, claiming a player with my ID is already logged in. I assume this is Steam Authentication token of some kind. The server WILL NOT release this token, it does not time out, and there is no way to kick this ghost player from the server. If I restart the server, without closing my client, I am able to connect to the server immediately without issue and no loading time.

My thinking is that the game is loading mods or doing some sort of initialization during the login process that causes a time out, and some sort of error with steam authentication. I have seen this posted many times on the forums with the same issue, where it affects only some servers, but not all. However this is the first time I’ve seen anyone presenting what is happening on the server and client side simultaneously.

This issue is affecting at least one other player that has tried to connect with the same issues.

Does anyone have a workaround for this or recommendations of how to resolve the issue? Thank you.

If you run a lot of mods, people with slower pcs and/or slower connection will have troubles loading the game+mods within the time limit. In some cases, it helps to set the mods in the exact same order and load in singleplayer first. Then without exiting the client, to attempt connecting to the server.

I know @Sonja uses engine settings to help with this issue but depending on how you are hosting the server, you may not be allowed to edit those values.

We got some problems with players with low PCs trying to enter the server with the “Failed authentication” issue. We managed, after HOURS of searching every files, to find the setting.

You just need to add this into your Engine.ini (ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsServer):


That worked for us.


Thank you! I will see what I can do on my end. AGS Hosting doesnt’ give direct access to the engine file. But I may be able to have them add it at the back end.

Solved, thank you!

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I’m glad I could help you!

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