Ghost triggered chests are not accessible

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvP]
Region: [Europe]

None of the ghost triggered chests is currently working***

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:


You mean the ones you open when you reach level 60 and obtain keys from bosses?

No he means the ones when you follow a ghost to a location and a chest appears like the one at eyelet lake and it is on our server also 1518 pvp-e none of the ghost spawn chest are accessable I have spawned several of them from north of black galleon the noobie river one and eyelet lake and none let you loot them. Others on server also comment that they are not lootable at all.


Ah ok, you still need to be level 60 to access them, but they won’t respawn loot until server is restarted, an old bug related to loot chests, just to be safe ask for a server restart to either funcom or gportal and see if a level 60 can access and find loot in it after a reboot. Try that and if it has the same result report it on the trello board.

When did they change that because one in noob river where swimmer ghost is killed by a crossbow wielding ghost used to be accessable by a level 1 it was where on SP I would get acheivements for iron or steel aquasitions. and was same with the ghost bear as well as the rest of the Ghost spawned chest.

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Can confirm this issue.

These so called “Ghost Chests” are not loottable and we dont talk about the lvl60 Boss Chests here.

There are several Ghost chest all over the Map, where Ghosts appear and point to another place where a Large Chest appears out of the ground with some mechanical noise.
Sometimes you have to hurry to get these chests before they disappear back into the ground, but as reported, they are never lootable for me.

Some known Ghost Chests for example and testing …

  • Ghost swimmer : TeleportPlayer 114139.0 207768.421875 -20289.988281
    ** swimming to : TeleportPlayer 111950.398438 206705.71875 -20289.986328

  • Buccaneer Ghosts : TeleportPlayer 371940.3125 73858.21875 -11363.960938
    ** pointing to Chest : TeleportPlayer 377654.875 62393.570313 -19207.013672

  • Talier’s Berth Ghosts : TeleportPlayer 262061.6875 6619.941895 -5874.451172
    ** pointing to Chest : TeleportPlayer 251483.0625 5368.493164 -8889.105469

  • Silkwood Ghosts : TeleportPlayer 279704.28125 210704.625 -13077.010742
    ** pointing to Chest : TeleportPlayer 287524.15625 208145.4375 -14691.75293

  • Godsight Spire Ghosts : TeleportPlayer -135494.65625 74822.953125 878.553345
    ** pointing to Chest : TeleportPlayer -135180.453125 83277.109375 -2384.183594

… and many many more. ( I don’t want to betray all the treasure chests here. :smiley: )

Sir Bowen

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Some needs a key, some don’t. Like the one on the side of the mountain near the giant statues of the savana(seth teacher) that appear for 40 seconds when you follow the ghosts on the opposite side mountain.

The one under water in the north or under the stone in the cave beside the entrance of the black dungeon.

It does not give me any notice that I would need a key. Please do not confuse needing an item with the inability to interact with a chest.


Sometimes they appear, sometimes not.
It’s sure, it’s an other feature that needs some care here to. While some can be looted, like one in a passage in desert, in a rock, other can not. But it may differ from game to game, server to server. Tested it less on server, more on singleplayer right now.

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Hey everyone,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll send it to our devs and see what could be causing it. :slight_smile:


I can open the one in the rock, the one below the ghost-swimmer, and the one in eyelet lake, but not the one the ghost-bear leads you to…

Private server

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