The Bear ghost of Velstad chest

Sometimes chest can’t be opened - this is an old issue - but still not fixed

Yes, old issue, and with different chest around the map.

Now i can see and follow the bear, spot the chest coming out the ground. I remember the place as the place i have built my very first nothern base in EA. At this time is was spooky, just still hearing the sound in my base, never seeing any ghost. But i got used to live with a ghost and it was a fine place after all. :wink:


I keep hearing the noice for the bear ghost i am seeing on youtube. But i have yet to have the bear manifest. That and a few ghosts have stop showing up for me.

Ya, quite few of them no longer work. Or are abit more odd about there spawns.

One with a girl climbing, (no reward) that makes the chime, but can never see her.

Alot of Harlots no longer show up.

I know chest in lake with corpse off of, ruins hasn’t been clickable (as its under ground) since day1. XD

Bears chest has one quick timer… I’ve messed it a few times.

Couple of the 2 ghost pointer ones, that give insane amount of time to get them, One at Godsspire, has you jump down, catch yourself and rush climb other spire only have it go poof when your looting it. (using admin panel for quick way down, was easier way)

2 others (one along newbie river) and Riverends that seem give enough time.

Yes, the climbing girl i could spot her lately, this was a long time i coulldn’t see her more. But like your said, there no chest, more a way she’s spotting.

The others all depens, the bear is fine now for me at moment, so are some othere, like in the passage under a rock, and some others.

The ghosts pointing are tricky as hell like you said, and may show up or not.
Singleplayer it’s bit case by case, one game you will see them, next not. Or after some patches.
Servers still bit different, not still the same.

Also the eyelets-lac chest isn’t clickable for me mostly.

Hey there,

We’re aware of some ghosts giving trouble and we’re getting some training in pottery to be able to deal with them properly.
Thanks for your feedback.


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