The Bear ghost of Velstad

As many of you must know, when you pass by the Ruins of Velstad location in the north, the spirit of a Bear will show up, lead you to a path for like 2 minutes, and at the end, a chest emerges from the ground during a very short time, its seconds, I tried to loot it but it looked like I couldn’t open it, maybe a key is needed?

Any1 knows the full story? I tried to research but failed to get info.


Thanks for the info, i have always wondered what was supposed to happen at the end of this endless walk with the ghost bear.
I’m looking forwards to the next coming posts to see if you get even more infos on that.

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This is NOT in Conan Exiles is it? This must be in the other Conan game by FunCom, correct?

It’s in Conan Exiles.
I’ve followed the ghost and got to the chest, however it disappeared as soon as I attempted to open it.

It’s a mystery! :upside_down_face:

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Ah, so it is. I am in USA and I forgot that Norway may be awake at this time, :joy:Good Day Tascha…Give the Devs a big thumbs up for their work so far, I play on live SP PC and am waiting for the current test live version to be sent to LIVE, but don’t mind the debugging wait to ensure that things are still working. Playing CE still, testing all things slowly and reporting any bugs found.

huh, never seen this bear ghost, now will have to spend time looking for it and the Ruins of Velstad.

I’ve also seen and followed this bear. The chest also disappeared for me :slight_smile:

There are two ghosts on a cliff NW from black galleon. When you approach them, they point in a direction, if you go there, there is also a chest. But it’s impossible to open. Maybe another puzzle.

Is that the ghosts that appear near the HIve queen on that plateau? I triggered it once when I was lookinf for that queen but was being attacked by the queen at the time and did not have time to look further. After I defeated the queen I could NOT get those ghosts to trigger again. It was similar to the two ghosts you see in the north that point to a sliding chest that I could open. Thought it was a bug really…

Found ruins, found bear ghost, cool, followed ghost to chest and opened chest. Okay must explore more as I totally missed this over the numerous play through I have done with CE.

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And what was inside?
I’ve never seen the chest, despite following the bear several times.

There is a known bug that sometimes chests are prevented from opening.


It was a normal random loot chest, a few glass, rocks, bark, water globe, nothing epic or legendary, just a normal chest. I am at level 60, no skeleton key on PC SP PVP.

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Have you similarly followed the Shemite Ghosts? I’m gratified to know these chests are simply occasionally defective.

To all: Once you trigger the ghostie, they might actually even point in the chest’s direction. You have a short time to get to it before it sinks back into the ground. Sometimes it’ll emerge with ironstone all around it, making it harder to see. It’ll still open.

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When ever I catch them I try to see what they are up to, found a few chests that was and they do disappear rapidly.

Nice replies ppl, so its a bug that prevent the chest to be opened, I was thinking in returning with the Ancient Key to try open it hehe, thanks CineDavichi.

Ya it must definitely be a bug. I stumbled on the bear and the chest just last week for the first time. I was only level 40-ish and had nearly nothing in my inventory. I was able to open and loot the chest just fine.

Oh, that was on single-player, so that might have something to do with it.

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