Gibbet is available at BLB standalone for the next 24h

Heyo, the gibbet is for sale on the bazaar as a standalone item. Dunno the price because I already have it. Highly recommend getting one if you can afford. You can plase 49 gibbets in the same space you can place the t3 wheel of pain.

Edit: Also, Funcom, please make sure that you localize your items properly. I speak 5 languages, so it is not a problem for me, but I’m an edge case. I’m tired of seeing items translated halfway through.


Highly recommend not giving Funcom any money until they improve quality. Not only is the game riddled with years-old bugs, they keep introducing new bugs. Paid bazaar content is subject to the same bugginess, and the same lack of any sense of urgency to fix bugs.


So far, they have a habit of release Bazaar items that are non-functional. I’d wait and see if it really works first before even considering whether or not its worth the massive price.

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What is the price?

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760 Crom Coins

So at $10 for 1,200 CC, that’s about $9.12 for the single-item Gibbet.
(obviously, you get better rates at investing more heavily in the Bazaar market)


OMG :woozy_face: … I guess they haven’t started lowering the prices yet :laughing:


I’m in Canada so it’s even more for me!

It’s $13.49 for 1200 CC.

I like the idea of the gibbet - especially the smaller footprint. And I like look of it.

So that’s $8.54 at the worst conversion rate for one thing is kinda meh for me.

Not insane but I’d be looking for more like $4-$5 for one thing - of course depending what it was :slight_smile:

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Yeah, even if they cut the prices in half across every Bazaar item, its still pushing “expensive”. But at double what “expensive” should be… no way, no sale, not at those prices.

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