Gilding coins how to?

How do get them?
I have looked about no clear answer :frowning:

Edited incorrect info

More info can be found on the old forums.

Gilding tokens can be obtained through the item shop, every hoard gives you two gilding tokens.

I’m not aware of any gilding tokens being awarded for world bosses but I might be out of the loop as I have not done a world boss in so long.

You also get them from daily login reward caches as well as rewards themself (but very rare).

you can also get a few with the “normal” daily login rewards and randomly from the Exemplar’s or Paragon’s Caches.

The nonrepeatable versions of the Halloween quests also give you a few gilding tokens, IIRC.

yes you are right.

Correct. World bosses do not give gilding tokens.

I need help with that gilding tokens. I purchased 5 boxes “Hoard of the silent legion” from item shop and I didn’t get any of them. AndyB, please, help.

You need to open the boxes by clicking on them.