Token page on Fandom wiki

I’ve created a list of tokens and where to get them and trade them for items. Let me know in case anything is missing.

  • sadly, the #1 sourse for dragon tears, rare relics, t3 and t4 simple relics is raid finder.

  • t3.5 Temple of Erlik gives t4 simples, rare relics and dragon tears.

  • t6 does not give t5 relics.

  • simple trophies II can be obtained in some Northern grasslands dungeons too, simple trophies III can be obtained in some Chosain dungeons too, rare trophies can be obtained in solo dungeons (in Turan and khitai) too


I’ve seen a purple wb box drop a rare relic.

didn’t know, removed then :stuck_out_tongue:

all done, thanks!