Giving Players the Ability to Convert Screenshots to Paintings

Its great that the devs can convert some really artistic screenshots into paintings for the community. In fact, showing off the talent in the community is definitely inspiring.

But I was thinking… wouldn’t it be great if the game allowed players to take screenshots (whether of the landscape or thralls or buildings or whatever-in-game) and have them applied to a pre-formatted painting (small, medium, and large options) to add more variety to the placeables in game (in addition to the ones the devs have made). I still like looking at the artwork of the community, but it just seems like it would be nice to be able to expand that feature a bit.

Or to get even fancier, have a T4 “Painter” thrall (yes, adding a new thrall to) do an animation like he/she was painting to slowly ‘craft’ the screenshot. When finished, the painting could be collected from the thrall (or easel) and added to the player’s inventory where upon it could be placed on the wall.


Get onto a server running the PIPPI mod - there is a Wallpaper option in there that you can link your screenshots to.

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Really? PIPPI mod does that? I didn’t know.

Could you recount the procedure, the steps involved, for accomplishing that, please?

yes but will be nice to have it also on official server :slight_smile: not pippi but the possibility to do painting.

I personally hope that the ‘Paintings’ are kept fully exclusive to the FunCom Players Awards for Build Competitions. I would hate to see that being opened to any image. Great base-build should be rewarded exclusively. Just my opinion. @Jens_Erik

For the generic Wallpaper, check the PIPPI manual in reference to ‘Wallpaper’. Any image can be added anywhere. You can also join the PIPPI Discord and check out all the wallpapers, etc. there.

PS: Although the Wallpaper allows any image, it is not quite as cool as the Paintings. I do wish that the Paintings came in the current size and a much larger size as I have them in my Hall of Records on my server :slight_smile:

I’d like cave art and the like added to place on walls and caves. Could be additions to the DLCs, like cave wall paintings for Picts (Yes, I know, art didnt develop much among Picts till later, but was somewhat there in the Hyborean Age), fresco paintings for Aquilonians, Ed Gein style art of skinned faces screaming for eternity as tapastries for Darfari, etc.

You speak only for PC players, what about consoles getting these wonderful suggestions as well?

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