[Glitch] PS4 Trophies glitched with Seeds of Evil DLC


I recently purchased Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - Deluxe Edition (which includes Seed of Evil) on my PS4 Pro. The current version installed is 1.14. I am really enjoying the game so far. I did notice a but with the trophy: “100% Old Skool” I have found all 12 artifacts, but the trophy is not granted. When I open my map, it says I have 12/12 artifacts. How do I resolve this? My PSN profile is MasonIsAJar. Please help.

I’m assuming that the trophy takes into account of the new artifacts from the expansion. I will report back once I’ve found all of them.

Update: Ok, so I found all remaining artifacts and I still have not receive the trophy…

Ok, I beat the game completely and the following trophies are glitched: “100% Old Skool” + “Weapon Smith” + “Freak out!”

I found all artifacts and notes (including those found in the DLC regions) and “100% Old Skool” is not unlocking. I have upgraded all weapons (even the new DLC weapons) and I have not received “Weapon Smith”. Furthermore, I do not receive enough XP to unlock all mutations. I have all mutations unlocked except for Big Khan’s final health boost, which requires 2 more upgrade points… Please patch the game so that I can get the platinum.

Update: Well, F… no one replied and this thread was closed… I guess I will never get the platinum trophy for this game…

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