Glowing Goop Armor

I cant think of a cool name for the Glowing Goop armor.

But it would take like 7 glowing goop, 4 pieces of shaped wood, 1 powdered stone put in a grinder, and 3 stone hardeners.

Each piece would be medium armor and glow annd give out about 2/5ths the amount as a torch. So if you stacked all 5 armor pieces on it would glow roughly about twice the amount as a torch. Any player could see you really easy but you wouldnt have to hold a torch to explore stuff. Annd then if you hold a torch while you have this armor on you can see 3 extra torchlights worth.

I cant think of a good name for the armor though.


Tomb/Grave Brick Armor?

The Dredger?

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Walking target practise dummy set? :wink:


Jokes aside, why not go with Glowing Shade Harness.

Awful idea. Torches lose durability when used. Picture that as your armor. Combat and just wearing would decrease durability. Let’s keep armor as armor and light sources as light sources.

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Awfully hilarious spectacle to behold!! You fight this glowing fella on a cliff, for your dear lives, and suddenly they pop naked… Try keep your cool there, no laugh, no gringe, and I’ll give you a medal. :joy:

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Consoles doesn’t get full nudity. All I would see is the ugly default cloth undies. It would enrage me more.

I have and I’m on a PS4. I wouldn’t play it otherwise. :laughing:

I’m so enrage right now.

1.) This idea is being taken serious.

2.) This idea was not hate on like my were form idea.

Take some Black Ice for that. Does me wonders so it might work on you too. :wink:

Why wouldn’t it be? Objectively put, that is.

Were form? You mean lycantropy? :thinking:

Torches lose a timer when worn not durability. And the glow would last forever. In a world with no flashlights or staying underground glowing armor would be highly prized. Or maybe if you wear the armor in the sun in charges up the timer.

Or what about a glowing shield? It could be curved inward a bit so you could use it like an obtuse ray light.

They can introduce this when they make a new undermap. Eventually they can maybe learn to teleport yoru character to a completely brand new map with all the same stats and gear and we can have an underworld. A giant 2nd world underground maybe with like a lake and a few glowing areas that are really beautiful and dont need torches or light, a whole new map. But mostly ALL dark so you better have 15 torches with you, or glowing torch recipe, or Dregg Armor.

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No, sorry. I don’t like that idea at all and as much as I hate to it I have to agree with @Bryan_Skull for once…

Having to rely on torches instead of using a shield or a twohanded weapon is a good thing.


How about a compromise? What about a salve the goop can be crafted into that can be applied to weapons similar to how poison is added? Once applied, it wears off whether equipped or not.


I can imagine players running around with their newly found Stings. :joy: (Goblins everywhere!!)

Okay… maybe not an original idea…

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Yes, lycanthropy. Funny enough, in his idea, were’s were built around unarmed attacks and not wearing armor. So basically no durability requirements, exactly what he’s protesting about this idea.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m with those against the idea. You talk about the armor glowing forever, that right there is unbalanced. It would effectively cancel out the need for torches.

The dev team has already been working on a shield that works in conjunction with a torch. It’s in the game files and you can spawn it in single player as an Admin. But the light doesn’t work.

I would expect if there is some massive underworld update in the future, this is what we are going to see fully implemented. Not goop-covered armor. Either a shield that utilizes torches as fuel to provide light. Or else for those who don’t use a shield or prefer 2-handed combat, a waist accessory to hold a lantern for you at your hip.

Maybe, but made me smile and giggle nonetheless. :smile:

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I don’t want to keep ember that close to me. I’m okay with the torch. :laughing:

It should be fine. Unless you run around in nothing but a loincloth.