Glowing Goop Armor

No loin here. A lot of fur though. I’m a warchief with a long stick. :joy:

Well if you have to be in the Exiled Lands, walk softly and carry a big stick.

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Though come to think of it… How hard would it be to make a glowing slime you could coat your weapon with? (Granted it would wear off as you use your weapon much like regular old poison, but it would let you see for a little while while using a two hander, at least until you got in a fight…

Seems like goop on a weapon is more of a hassle, and unreliable source of light, than a lantern.

And it’d probably be easier to just great a lantern for your shield or armor. Because you are basically just adding properties of a torch to the shield or armor piece. Which should be easier than having to script in On Hit stuff to remove goop from weapons when attacking things, plus the mechanic to add the goop to the weapon.

I was thinking it would be like poison and wear off the same way…

Yeah, just doesn’t seem as reliable a light source as a torch. And it’s something else that’d have to be farmed when torches are already a thing.

Edit: You could also look at it this way. Gooping your weapon for light would negate the ability to use poison. So having a shield or lantern on your armor becomes more practical.

Not a big fan of this idea, if it were the armour, it’d need to be constantly taking durability to be balanced, but then that defeats the purpose of armour, because it might break simply by being worn, rather than through combat.

The only way I can see a weapon working as a viable light source would be if it were either a bow with a lantern attached, or if radium is a durable enough material to be used as blade/head for a weapon.

Radium wouldn’t work because of the toxicity of handling it, not to mention fumes and the like from trying to work it.

Metallic radium is also highly chemically reactive to air and water.

That sounds pretty cool. Temporary weapon paint so people can still use 2 handers underground at end game.

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Also the way the light in this specific case works with the surroundings isn’t warm and red, but cold blue (apologies, I lack proper terminology so bear with me). It doesn’t resonate heat and it looks brighter, but only close enough. There are other ways to distinguish torches from glowing goo that we may apply to a weapon for a mere faint source of light. There’s sorcery involved (applying science to a degree) so theoretically some type of colourless liquid could react to warm red source differently than to cold blue one revealing what’s essentially otherwise transparent.

Sidenote: A reason why we tend to lean our torches forward in an unknown territory or a hostile enough situation is, not only because we can fend off creatures with it or temporarily blind them, but the light also tells where we are to some and the more we are hidden the bigger advantage we have (reason why lightbearers go first and the army follows behind).

I could get behind glowing armour with a few spots that glow like bioluminescent warpaint but it would have to produce very little light, even less than the legendary weapons that already do it.

Generally speaking thorough a cosmetic perspective, glowing tattoos would be awesome.

It’s a shame the warpaint fades. Well, fading in itself wouldn’t be an issue if we could tweak it at the server settings. Any time window should have the ability to let us tweak them; to setup a realm we like. To emulate, copy, mimic, differentiate and so on.

Good idea but not a good idea glowing armor would be cool looking but making the north survivable without the food drink and weather perk become useless. But those glowing gems used for the wall torches would look cool then u could change the color.

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