Glowstick torch hanging off belt (for night thrilling and climbing)

Was thinking of a legit way to travel with a thrall dragging or climb with a bit of light, and as we all know the glow stick is moss and doesn’t burn hot so here’s what i propose

A belt glow stick that hangs off the back of your belt.

The glowstick comes as a armor mod and you attach it to your lower body armor and now you have a glowstick torch on your belt for thrall dragging and climbing at night

Hands free to drag your thralls AND eat pizza at the same time…i mean hold a weapon…totally ment holding a weapon

I believe @Sera67 got this some real time ago :joy::joy::joy:. I believe she suggested something like glowing belts, I can’t remember it’s been long. Either way if it is a legendary piece of armor, rare as all the others, I am OK with it. I don’t want to risk something else right now, the shape that the game is right now I would love a new dlc. But if the new dlc had the trinket that you suggested, I would be OK again :wink:.

Ya, Even made thread for it loooooong ago.

Idea is basically same as Soul games, player has a small trinket on belt, That emits a lite glow. So you can see itlest few feet around yourself, making climbing and other functions.

Player in PVP would want this off… for sneaking and lurking purposes. =p

The glow plant has so many uses… and so few of them used. =3 So belt item, or even head band with glow pant shoved in would work to.

Heck even pair of gloves with it on back of hand, or wrist guard. It make night time alot more fun.

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