God please , one more bug ! (AOCU)

Please … the game is full of bug , and now ater 2 day of played i have this message when i choose caracter or create a new one …

i tryied uninstall , nothing change …

imgur. com/a/2UItzMd

someone know what is that Sh*** please ?

is your game up to date ?

yes sir

What server do you try to join ? Is it a character that hasn’t been played in a very long time ?
Also, the “news” in your screenshot is … more than 2 years old !

Could be a problem with your firewall ?
If this is not the case and your gamefiles are okay (fresh downloaded from the FC page) there may be a problem with your account. In this case you can make a second account just to try out if this works.

My loading page looks the same for more than 2 years now. Seems that FC only updated the English page, but not French or German … :roll_eyes:

that’s . . . bad !

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