Godbreaker armor set not showing up on the armorers bench

Hello everyone I am wondering why the set isn’t showing up in any of my 3 armorers benches. Do I need a T4 armorer to craft it?

Hi @BalkanBella, have you visited the WarMaker Dungeon?

If you do not learn the recipe in WarMakeer Dungeon, you can not craft the Godbreaker armor.

Did you reset your feats? There is a bug with the reset potions unlearning feats they shouldn’t. Check if you have the armor in your feats first.

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Maybe I should’ve specified that I visited the dungeon yesterday lol I touched the big stone in the room with the final boss and got the notification that I’ve learned the set.

I haven’t reset any feats in the last few days before visiting the dungeon. However I don’t see it in the epic armors section. I have 500 spent feat points out of 500.
I can see the Arena Champion armor there but not the Godbreaker one.

This may be a silly question @BalkanBella but there are three tablets in the Warmaker dungeon. The Champion armor (which you got) and two tablets in the final boss room, one for armor, the other for weapons. Is it possible that you only clicked one of the two tablets in the final room?


Not a silly question at all. Now I realized I only found one tablet in the final boss room and that’s probably the weapons. Thank you so much for the help. I’m heading there again :smiley:


Is it because of the operation problem, or how could it not come out?

I think it’s a bug, or something except the error.

I don’t think this is a problem

Just made a set for a thrall it works GL on hitting the other tablet.

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