Godbreaker Set - Cold Resistance Feedback

It is an interesting heavy set but why have you decided to add so much cold resistance on it? With 3 bars cold resistance, volcano is out of the question, you get heatstroke in the desert and jungle, you are extremely hot in the highlands, hot in the mounds, soothing in the frozen lands.

Considering that there is not much to do in the frozen lands content-wise currently which would require you to wear heavy armor, this set would have a very limited player use. We will see plenty of thralls wearing it though due to its high armor (as long as their owners are willing to farm the materials for it, you need dragonpowder and dungeon materials).

To provide a bit more info for the exiles without access to TestLive:
A very heavy armor +3 strength/agility/grit/encumbrance with 3 cold bars per part. 1022 armor value without modifications but the chestpiece alone is 53.58 lt. 10800 durability on chestpiece/leggins + 7200 durability on the rest of the parts.Grants a status effect: Weapon is repaired by a small amount each time you take damage. The helmet acts as a sandstorm mask.

Would you consider lowering the cold resistance to maybe 2 bars instead?

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The idea is to limit where you can wear the complete set. You could swap out pieces to bring your temp to soothing. IF not, then no one would wear anything else at all in the game once you have this.

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The set is already out of question for most of the activities because it is very heavy (above 90 lt with reduction kits while your char has 210 lt with 20 encumbrance) and very expensive. No pvp player would wear it for these reasons alone. With only the boots and nothing else you are very hot in the desert. Extremely hot with 2 parts.

it is pretty good for thralls but then again we get the acid arrows :smiley:

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Considering its weight and all of its effects, it seems like it was intended to be used on a 50 encumbrance build. I haven’t checked it myself, but it it really gives +3 to strength, agility, grit, and encumbrance, you can give yourself 27 strength, 7 agility, 17 grit, and 47 encumbrance.

That should be good for farming black ice, star metal, and the crow boss, right?

You could also go 28 str, 18 grit, and 48 encumbrance and just swap back and forth between it and the silent legion one, right?

I agree, this may be the principal reason.
First i made the same reflexion than @Narelle, but i imagine they want go the same way than with the silent legion armour that was nerved at the end.

The stats are great and more than complet and cover all, so it would be the heavy armour you would see everywhere again. Not a cheap one, i must agree, but still, we don’t count grinding hours when we really want a special peace.
Maybe time to build an other base in the frozen north. :wink:

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