Gods are useless?

I went into admin on SP and summoned a true name. I thought they were enabled by default again but found the altar just disappears when I try to craft it. I activated the true name and it took at least a minute to appear. Then it took another 30 seconds to rez into position. Then it gave me only 30 seconds to command it. That was enough for Mitra to do a little movement and one stomp.

It didn’t do much in comparison to what I’ve seen in videos. I thought Gods were going to be a good fallout mechanism, but this… is useless.

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It surely takes a little practice to use gods. That includes the question from where to start and where to hit most effectively. Therefore I also tried a location in single player first sometimes before attacking with a precious god token in multiplayer. And they were nerfed in their damage output a long time ago. Still gods are the super weapon to hit a huge area at once. Have you ever repaired your base after an attack with gods? prepare for headache :wink:

OK, if the “rez” stands for the preparing animation (resize?) and not for the positioning itself then I got it wrong. Ofc you should have 1 min to move or attack or whatever, if it is less, then something´s off.

It started with 30 on the counter. I thought it should read 60.

I’ll go through each token just to make sure…

@Dzonatas I agree with the rest, your settings must be off. On my unmodded test server, the 60s only started running after I was able to control the Mitra god.

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I have spawned them in on my server to destroy old bases and I found them hard to control . If trying following along wall around a base. I can see walking into some one’s base to destroy things would definitely want to practice offline

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I recently use a Yog on a very, very, very big stone base.

The thrall was stolen from a previous raid, so just have to go to 500 zeal.

The base was wiped + all thralls and animals :slight_smile:

But if you have to spend hours to find the thrall, you have better to farm bombs.


Thanks for the screenshot. There is indeed no way to adjust it on the ps4. The setting does not show.

I guess Funcom didn’t mean they’re enabled on the ps4. So it appears useless until patch parity.

I played around with most of the gods in SP yesterday (half of them just oneshotting world bosses lol) and all of them had 60 second timer… (on PS4)

Dunno what went wrong in your game.


Be respectful, gods are avatars in a game.
God is who billions of people follow.

Oh well, to be honest those avatars are real as the “followed god” is.

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only one person wrote “the god” singular. and was clearly referring to the in game god avatar.

nobody wrote “God” as in the name for the bearded sky-man.

Yeah I always build a foundation block in SP to represent their base and practice first… All that work gone in a minute with no / little effect would be terrible lol. Sometimes I even test with different avatars to see which one work best.

I generally use SP a lot to make test builds of bases before building on Officials and whatnot. At the moment I think I play builder in SP about 90% of the time lol. Trying to come up with new ways of making defenses.

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Yes that’s a good idea not wasting resources. I generally play on my own server Have a admin clan to keep up with all the map rooms and help centers and a alternate character set for my wife and I to just play a pretty much straight game. Have not actually used a Avatar in quite awhile. At one time I believe it could be set to 120 seconds on the server. We are not a pvp server so Avatars are turned off.

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