Gold digger exploit

server: PVE EU Testlive after latest patch
You can create an infinite amount of gold

Same with putting in crystal, getting a rocknose carcass, pressing the carcass get’s 10 cristal


same with 1 hyena pelt -> 1 hyena carcass -> press into 5 pelt -> infinite pelts

Same with feathers:

We have eyes everywhere, don’t worry.

Also, noted! Thanks, that’s a VERY good catch.

I will add in here:

1 set antidote becomes a heart again.
=Infinite god bubble incoming :wink:

1 Leather = 1 hyena fur
=infinite hyena fur (see above)/leather cycle

1 plant fiber = 1 kompost+1 seed
(suggestion: kompost only OR seed+bugs)

1 kompost = 75 bugs+1 derketo material
(which then means easiest bubble ever; combined with plant fiber being recyled)
(suggestion: 1 kompost= 1 dung)

1iron reinforcement = 2 iron bars
(suggestions: 1 iron bar)

1 silver dust = nothing?

1 flask filled with water = 1 light dye colorant+3 glass
1 light dye colorant = 1 flask filled with water+4 bones
Infinite glass+bones

1 blood = 38 oil+ 1derketo material
(Just a bit too much… I would rather suggest blood turning into ichor)

1 bonemeal = 1bone
Infinite bonemeal/bone

1 shaped wood = 8 wood
(should be 5 (t4 carpenter, even t2+ gains +1 wood))

1 stone = 1 rocknose carcass
(same as hyena fur -> carcass, plus no more crystal runs!)

another edit:
1 poison aoe arrow = Gas orb+some stuff
This makes one find 1 gas orb, craft a first set of arrows and then rinse and repeat.

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1 thick hide -> 2 rhino hides
Infinite materials if combining with crafting two thick hides from 1 rhino hide at the armorer bench…
(suggestion: delete this recipe!)

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