Golden lotus after midnight grove update

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*** does anyone know if the changes to golden lotus potion were intentional or not because I never seen anything about it in the patch notes it used to be the best heal in the game and now it doesn’t heal you anymore it gives charisma and +3 grit @Tascha
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Use golden lotus
  2. Get mad there is no heal

hi do you mean the Golden Lotus Potion?
if so i had a look at the wiki and on this page it mentions it heals:
(it could have changed and not been updated yet though)

@ConanTheCook Yeah the golden lotus potion, the wiki page is outdated it still says golden lotus potion heals for 29 hp every second for 5 seconds but after the Midnight Grove update you get +3 grit and charisma no heal.

The Golden Lotus Potion Healing aspect has indeed been removed because it was deemed too powerful :slight_smile:


ah that explains it,
i still have to find and try out the midnight grove :slight_smile:

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