Golden Lotus Potion

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Golden Lotus Potion Doesn’t heal at all despite it saying in its description that it has healing properties.
I always used this potion in PVP now its not working so its a waste of time crafting now I must craft aloe extract and aloe soup to get the same effect. Devs said they don’t want to make the game more of a grind yet there is more and more grind being slowly squeezed in for example the derketo temple. id also like to stop picking 10 arms or legs from npc when I go farming for religion temples and human flesh going on hotbar.

Funcom removed the heal effect in a patch as they considered it healed too fast. They have evaluated it again and the recently added community board of issues via Trello says that it’s patched on test live to heal again but for less hp/sec as below:

Golden Lotus Potion does not provide health regeneration

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