Golem and rocks: yay or nay?

Finally after many moon eclipses I decided to bring a Golem to life (sorry, I’m tired, maybe my English is not the best right now :sweat_smile:).
I gave him a maul arm and placed a rock :rock:, coal, and one iron stone in the corresponding slots.
When I come close to the Golem he would break a stone, but since last night he did nada :flushed:.
What am I doing wrong? Which attack configuration should I command him when guarding?

Golems are like all the other AI in Conan, they’re only active when a player is in the same area.

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That’s what I though :sweat_smile:. Are they like reaaally slow to make decisions or is it just my Golem? He can be in front of a rock and spend a couple of minutes before starting to hit it.

Yeah, they’re not very bright. :confused:

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They are dumb.
They have their uses but harvesting isn’t their forte (although they have the same harvest rate as Star Metar Tools)

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