Got constantly disconnected on official server #1326 Pve

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1326 PVE
Mods: none

Bug Description:

I got constantly disconnected every time I was in a danger area, for example the Mound of the Dead, spider cave, and The Arena entrance with the big snake, i had to reconnect 3 times or more to play again and will dc again when i revisit those place

Bug Reproduction:

visit The Arena entrance, mound of the dead and spider cave

Link of the video:


Can you tell me if it also happens when you set the video settings exactly as below,

Res = 1920 x 1080
Motion Blur unticked
Volumetric Fog ticked
Vsync ticked
Maxfps Uncapped
Graphics quality all to Medium with x2 Antialiasing.

Curious to see if you still get disconnected in those areas with the exact set up ?

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That’s the Executioners Cave, have not been there for months for exactly the same reason and I’m on Xbox Series X, i used to use that cave as a training ground for my thralls, last attempt ended up with six disconnections, wasted food and potion buffs, thrall nearly dead but managed to kill all the spiders for zero experience as she wasn’t following me.

I’ve posted here and on Reddit, got zero response, in the five years I’ve been playing I’ve never known Funcom to be quiet about such a big issue, it’s on all platforms so why no word?

Fix the game Funcom, if you can…


This Disconnect thing is a mess. it happens everywhere. also on privat servers. often when golems take action


Compared to what happened in the video, it only kicked me out twice in the Executioners Cave after I set the setting as you suggested. However, the arena entrance remains undoable.

look like that will be a temporary fix even tho it not 100% fix, thx for let me know about those setting

It’s interesting how some people are getting different results.

For me and my friend with those settings we are not getting those disconnections anymore even on long gameplays.

Not sure if it depends on how fast your hardware is etc, maybe the last performance patch’s broke the game or it’s also server issues.

Curious to what will happen if you try set it to even lower settings like low quality and even maybe 720p or something.

EDIT - Not convinced it’s 100% after loads more testing but it does seem to work some of the times and makes it a bit better especially when you have trouble logging in during the fighting sequence as that usually keeps you disconnected until the 3 star is dead when I was on an official server and it does indeed seem to happen often inside that Executioner’s Cave with the Boss area.

Got a feeling it’s only happening on Official Servers or GPORTAL hosted ones but maybe not ones with a decent Server Box and Bandwidth as I am still trying to reproduce it on my Dedi and it’s never disconnected me yet, but I am the only one playing so far.

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Same thing happens to me when I fight 3 skull world bosses. The game is beyond broken and unplayable.


Related issue:


So I tried a few things. First I validated the local files, then I changed my video settings from “Cinematic” to “High”… I’m still getting disconnected from an official server (1500 PVE/NA) when I get into heavy combat with a thrall at my side. I don’t know what else to do to negate these disconnects that completely ruin the experience. I’ve been playing and avoiding boss fights or any fights that include a high number of combatants to make the experience less dreadful. This is no way to play the game.


I haven’t disconnected since I’ve stopped using thralls. Including horse. However, I still dont take the chance to play very long.

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