Gotta say the NPC AI is brain dead after this patch

Since the patch the NPC AI is mentally challenged in a number of areas;

It can’t cross through doorways and gets stuck at the door which makes for great farming once again since you can stand at a door and slaughter them.

Our own thralls have become hippies and they seem to want to just hang out and chat rather than fight.

The AI cannot patch properly and gets stuck on objects so much its not even funny.

When attacking NPC thralls all they seem to know how to do mostly is back up which is pretty lame.

they also seem to be tethered to a spot and will go back to it rather than chase you down. Which allows you to exploit the tether distance nicely. Not sure why NPCs were tethered and animals were not. -but hey easy mode there you go for leveling.

This smart NPC AI that was implemented is brain dead now.

Even after the hotfixes? They are very reactive to me now.

yeah on official pve they are just sitting back for the most part. My own NPC’s have joined a union I think and are waiting for a job description now.

I walked through the Den and two humans went at me from everything there even the rat -werewolf things are laid back. I hit them and they will fight back but most of the surrounding npc’s stand back. Its pretty easy to kite what you want out of a group now.

The npcs were relentless before and would enter buildings to fight me.

Server needs a reboot and everything should be fine. Im playing on my own private server and the npcs try to kill me on sight :sweat_smile:

I still see this. A server reboot may fix it, but they become broke eventually. On my server I’m able to knock out thralls while the others watch again.

I have figured out following pattern with those NPCs on Official:

Server restart (6am) : Thralls dumb af, do nothing, only attack if you attack them

6 hours later (12am) : Thralls now start charging at you or atleast look into your direction, but don’t attack

just some later(12am-2pm) : Thralls work correctly ,attack you and charge after you

some time later (4pm - 8pm) : Thralls again dumb af, do nothing, only attack if you attack them

and now only few moments later ( 9pm - 11pm) : server crashes, maybe due this reason, restarts after 60-90 minutes automatically, thralls dumb af again, do not attack etc. until some hours later they awake from their temporary stasis…


Maybe the thralls formed a union and are using shady tactics like this to have their voice heard?

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