Thralls and human NPCs not attacking

Since the 500 patch no thralls on my server has been working. If someone attacks my base they just stand still and watch them slaughter all their friends and themselves.Human NPCs in the purge act the same way. They don’t react untill you hit them. The hit back once or twice and then walk away. This server was initially set up to the release of the Frozen North, and wiped at full launch.

Yesterday I redownloaded the server software with the new DedicatedServerLauncher. I copied the database from the old server to the new installation. Now the thralls and the human NPCs in the purge work!!! The game just got a lot more interesting again.

Has anyone else had similar problems? This was the first time I have reinstalled the server software from scratch. Maybe this need to be done from time to time?

Hey just wanted to let you know that this is a “very” common bug. It freaken sucks. With that said, Funcom has stated it is something they are working on. They are also working to improve Thrall AI as a whole. In a recent dev stream (about 2 weeks ago or so) they mentioned specifically improving the way your player owned thralls will recognize threats and will attack when you do as something specific, rather then just from a defense standpoint.

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