Gportal trying hard to destroy all dedicated servers

Honestly cant even begin to describe the issues. Was willing to sit through patch after patch patiently until the latest round of crap from gportals support team. If i had any permissions on this forum i would post the messenger screenshots of the garbage that a player has to go through after paying 50+ bucks a month for server that he hasnt been able to access for the last month and a half. Ticket after ticket. Message after message gaining increasing levels of ridicule to me, the person paying money for their product. Forget all the bugs. Gportal has ruined the experiance for me. Was truly a great game despite everything but its too much now. Thank you funcom for the previous countless hours i have beforehand though.

Hi there @blitz2006id

I am sorry to hear that and quite surprised. Feel free to send us a DM with what exactly you had issues with, and we can maybe check with Gportal directly.

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