Grandmaster Chef & Brewer

I think the title speaks for itself, but I doubt I’m the only one who loves the new big and fancy endgame crafting stations. And since I couldn’t find any previous suggestions like it, I figured I’d get this conversation rolling!

I think it’s a missed opportunity to leave brewing and cooking one step behind all the other crafting expertises, and I for one would love to see grandmaster tier crafting stations for both of those areas.

If there are downsides I’d love to see what people might have to say, but personally I can’t think of any. As for upsides, here’s my take:

1: It feels a bit weird that cooking and brewing lacks the same endgame treatment that all other branches of crafting recieve.

2: Brewing in particular feels pretty limited by the small size of the Fermentation Barrel’s inventory. But being able to store more food items in stoves and campfires would also be nice once you reach endgame and amass a bigger surplus of items.

3: Even if one could argue that cooking works fine without a grandmaster equivalent, don’t we all wanna see what those crafting stations would look like anyways? The people behind the new crafting stations did a great job with them, and I’d hate to pass up an opportunity to see even more beautiful crafting stations in the game! The Improved Stove looks nice, but it feels very small and modest compared to what a grandmaster workstation might have to offer.

As for the implementation itself, anything goes I guess? Grandmaster brewing and cooking could either be separate things containing speedy and resource efficient versions, or it could be jammed together into a single feat containing all six crafting stations just as well. Either way I know I’d make all six of them and have them around just for the nice visuals like I’ve done with all the other workstations so far ^^

There could also be room for a new round of more powerful food recipes to come with these endgame workstations, similar to the influx of cooking recipes you receive with the stove.

The level requirements would probably need some revisiting, which might be the biggest hurdle? But I feel like that’s a pretty small consideration compared to leaving the cooking crafting tree behind and out of step with how other crafting trees expand and progress.

I really hope this suggestion goes somewhere and gets taken into consideration, because unless I’m missing something it feels like a no-brainer, and a worthy addition for whenever the team might be able to spare the resources for it. If people wanna chip in with their own thoughts I’d love to hear them. :green_heart:

Hmmm, I might see what I could whip together some time!

And no I’m not talking about decaying food in particular, but the loads of different ingredients, spices and food components that don’t decay. They usually fit nicely in stoves! Think stuff like spices, salt, water, etc.

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