Graphics in shadow/night are blindingly dark

At night time, or in shadowy areas, my game goes to complete darkness. As in, so black that I can’t even see my character. My friend plays and he can see just fine (such as in dungeons), and I can’t even tell which direction to go because everything is black. Doesn’t matter if I’m on a server or in single player. Has happened ever since I started playing. I’ve given up trying to find an answer online or in the forums, as the problem (although others have had it too) is always taken as a joke by other players, and no one takes it seriously. I’ve included three screen shots, taken from the same location on my single player game, in day and night, and night with a torch. Doesn’t matter if I turn my gamma all the way up to 3 (currently on 2, to avoid day time looking washed out), if mods are used or not, or if my monitor brightness is turned to 100%. Changing my NVIDIA brightness/gamma settings also doesn’t help. All my game graphic settings are set to highest quality.

I’m running two Gigabyte 27 inch screens with resolution 2560x1440.
Graphics card is an RTX 3080 Super.

Literally built this computer for gaming. I’m really hoping for a solution here. It’s really embarrassing constantly losing my way in dungeons, and having to have other players come rescue me, because I’ve ended running myself into a wall because I can’t see even a little bit, even when using a torch.

EDIT No responses at all? I have to stand still at night even with a torch because I can’t see well enough to avoid danger. Meanwhile my friends can see just fine without a torch! WTF!

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