Grass LOD , help me please

Hello . I can no longer, my nerves are giving out. The grass appears almost under your feet and it is not farther than 5 meters, the quality of the graphics is the maximum possible “movie” , I beg you to tell me how to increase the distance of drawing the grass. I was looking for a solution, I found it, but they do not help me, I play a single game.

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Well, I added these stories to my ini, it became a little better, by 4, thank you very much =)
Suddenly, my chest physics still disappeared, I read that I need to create a different character, but I’ve already advanced a lot and would not want to start all over again, maybe you can help with this =)?

By chest physics do you mean secondary character motion, err, bouncy breasts? Or…

If so there is a table you can craft that will allow you to modify all(?) aspects of your physical character. I forget what it’s called and what level you have to be though.

Ahaha. No, no, physics, I mean that the chest has stopped swaying =)

Thank you very much, partially your method helped =)
It’s just that the horizon in the distance has no grass, I see a clear line where the grass begins to be seen and where there is none at all. Damn it, even in Skyrim it’s done better, I didn’t think I’d say it. It’s just some kind of horror, it especially rushes in the desert area with green grass and where the Elephants live, everything is very, very bad there = (

Is it possible to return such a view through INI files?

It’s a pity . Thank you very much for responding to the request for help =)

No, all that is wrong. I have bare land without grass in the side-altars 5-6 meters from the character. I showed a screenshot, but I can’t because of stupid restrictions, but everything is really, really bad there. In the distance there is not even any low-quality grass, just bare earth, and as you get closer, it appears. The fact that you have grass is drawn literally in front of your nose … this should not be so. I hope the developers will read it, I can’t play like that, all immersion in the game breaks.

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