Grass up my floor in Cinematic mode? CMON!

So i tried Cinematic mode first time, and i got grass everywhere in my floor.

Had to turn down to low settings for it to go away.

Is this Cinematic?

I feel your pain. But this is a product of how the environment is drawn by the game engine.

The basic flora that is not interactable is “static” so the game draws it regardless of what the player has built, it’s really just one big figure.

The interactable objects like trees, rocks and harvestable bushes are drawn in later and can be told by the game to not respawn if there is a player built structure near.

We PVPer’s don’t notice this because we tend to turn the flora down low so we can see other players locations better.

Eventually we may get a method where the portion of a flora mesh is suppressed by foundations like how rain is better handled now than it was in EA.
You still need a good Video card to see the difference.

If you really want to use Cinematic mode, Build with it turned on so you can see where the flora is and raise the foundations accordingly.


Thats a good tip, Sadly ive built foundation before my new rig arrived. But my next bases I will use this tip.

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