Grave Matters Rewards

I know I’m late with this but it just recently came to mind. When the grave matters event first went live I was told that completing it would grant a DLC to craft all of the items. What happened with that? Was I miss informed or does Funcom owe me a DLC?

The scroll that enabled you to craft all the items was a very common drop from Sorcerers in Chapter 1, but it was removed in Chapter 2. It was never a DLC.

Yup, we’re basically talking about the skelos cultist master set :slight_smile:

They did mention on the dev stream thou that when some limited-time event reward runs its course, they similarly will be introducing it to either random drops or other mechanics so people who were late to the party can have a shot at them too.

Okay so I was miss informed.

its a silly one time only ingame crap … makes me mad everytime,
and i dont like Muskitter and twich drops, or single use items … single event items wich all dissapear by time… its a way to annoy long time player base

I don’t mind Twitch drops. I just mute a stream and play games until I get everything unlocked.

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