Gravity.... is working agaisnt me

Seems legit

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It is beyond me why this sight bothers you so much that you have to re-post it every other week :slight_smile:

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It’s an Easter egg. If you are fast enough to hit and kill it before it goes above and beyond it will drop lots of gold coins. :wink:


John Mayer wont help you there buddy xD

That’s where Santa gets his flying reindeer to pull his sled.

But yeah, gravity in the Exiled Lands can be surprising. I once clubbed a T4 NPC on the Black Galleon with a truncheon. Instead of falling neatly onto the deck, he shot straight upwards and was never seen again.

The laughs I got were worth more than the thrall would’ve been.

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Yeah, garvity…

After countless dead rhinos, mammoths and elephants I came to the impression that, for the engine, all npcs in Conan Exiles share the same fixed weight of their body. But the volume scales up with their size increase and so does the density of the bodymass decrease until it gets thinner then air itself. You can observe this by killing one of those… It’s physics! :upside_down_face:

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The lady thralls don’t seem to have to much problem with gravity…

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