Wight beats you so bad...God just look!

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [USA]

[No idea, I died to a weight while looking away ran back to save the NPC…looks like he was beaten with a ugly stick so bad that I would kill my self if I looked like this going to he putting him down but hopefully you can figure this one out.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Die to a wight
  2. Go back for loot and save npc
  3. Npc now has to be put down

Omg I can’t stop laughing. It looks like he sucked all the helium out of a rhino and his eyes are about to explode.

Sorry I have not seen this so I can’t be helpful… I just found your picture very entertaining.


Seems a bit reminiscent of an old bug, due to the exaggerated features, it more than likely occurred while he was getting hit, as there was a weird bug from a while ago (I remember seeing the video posted on here, but can’t find it.) that caused the female character model’s breasts to balloon every time she got hit, getting them to extremely unrealistic sizes after a while. It could be that same bug but affecting certain facial features instead.


Oh of course it would balloon my freya… I get the elephant man…

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He reverted after he got beaten up by another npc so he’s alive today, but always fun in conan regardless of the issues this game has it’s fun to find them!

Agreed it’s a big reason why I even bothered to post it.

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Hello @SabunoHakia, thank you for sharing this with us!

Was the thrall engaged in combat as you came back to rescue it?



Yes it was I had instantly told it to follow with the intention of running away but because it wasn’t my usual thrall I ran back to kill the enemy my self. Then I had noticed the poor elephant man. However after I had gone to put him down he had his face beaten back in to normal but during this he was fighting while crawling around on the ground hence why he’s so low in the pictures provided.

You sir have won the solution award regardless of whether or not it’s ever corrected!

lmao, i have never seen anything like this in Conan. I wish I can design my character like this.


Lmfao someone liked the picture a lot! Ahahahah. Well I have been finding a lot of fun bugs here and there so when I feel they are severe enough or occur twice I post them l. This was just the most recent and actually creeped me out enough. I never noticed the eyelids I assumed it was a bear trap!

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lol I was thinking of getting a pro pic until I came across your post so it was perfect timing.

Bwahahaha!! Exactly how hard did that poor guy get hit…!?


No clue but different situations and he got beat by a archer or something same face sort of a bit different location of body parts but with a arrow outside his head at a angle I forgot to screen it and power blipped but I maybe able to recreate the situation for that 1.



That’s a lot like this bug we had with Thralls before

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I thought it was a post apocalyptic mod at first. Totally hilarious for viewers of this post but maybe not so much for you… :grin:

Oh my God we need the boobies balloon bug back!

One of my biggest regrets is not saving this youtube video I saw. Of this dude whose character had the boob bug where they got bigger every time they got hit. Not only did they get to a ridiculous size, but the dude’s laugh was incredibly contagious and had me in TEARS. I tried the link again and it looks like it was removed…

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