Grease Orb utlity

Grease Orbs feel kind of useless and lack some functionality that really puzzles me. Only after 200 hours did I even realize they give you a minor debuff that makes your character slightly slippery. Some ideas to make them more useful.

  1. Force dismount= Horses should have a hard time keeping footing in slippery grease so make it dismount and either drain rider stamina or make slippery last a few seconds after leaving grease and add an effect that stops mounting animals.
  2. Light with more sources= I honestly was surprised that a torch couldn’t light grease. Firespark arrows as well should ignite this and maybe gas orbs as well since flame to ignition source.

I know we’ve used these for events and they did make the horses slide. Perhaps they have since changed it. I also want to say they did once ignite, but that could just be my brain not functioning properly again.

They definitely do ignite when when the spread out oil is nailed with a explosive arrow or demon fire orb, and they burn for a substantial amount of time as well.

This could be interesting but on hard ground as soft this would not make sense.

Orbs can be used very early in the game . Once firespark 81 made a video how to farm almost all the population of new Asgard alone with gas orbs . Well you can do the same with just one demon fire orb and some grease orbs , because they keep the fire alive . The benefit here is that you don’t need gas mask . You can understand how important is to have the loot of all the new Asgard lvl 20 :wink: .
In other words , use your imagination and you’ll get strong benefits very early in the game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Or if you can’t find any use for it you can alway throw it to dismantling bench for a water orb and tar.

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Firespak arrows (that only stack to … 81 ) are named after Firespark81 that makes tutorials videos and other types of video around conan exiles on youtube . They let you stack bleed , but aren’t fire arrows , maybe a spark could ignite the grease if it is on a metalic surface and the arrows are also metalic , but other than that they shouldn’t ingnite , and the case scenario is very slim to occur ( or in dev terms not worth implenting since no one will notice / use this , and time/money could be better spent elswhere )

But i agree for the torch , further more since you can “attack” with a torch and wave it in front of you , if it encountered a greased surface , should definitely ignite the fire

Grease orbs can be handy for cracking meteorites as they’ll keep fire burning longer

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Grease Orbs dismantle nicely.

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Usually I dismantle them tobwater-orb to make gaseous orb to make gas arrows. Or leave them as gas orbs to throw them like crazy .:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Or dismantle further to have ichor to produce oil and yummy foods and warpaints.

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