Greater beast attaacks do more damage now?

Did they make an adjustment to the damage output on greater animals lately? I’ve gotten unexpectedly wrecked by a dire wolf and a greater saber cat(two diff occasions.) am i crazy here?

unless you are epic geared those were always one-shooters in most case scenarios

i am epic geared. dude im talking about a change in dps or something. they are outrageous right now.

nothing changed, those hit harder then some three-skull bosses and it have always been the case

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yeah but come on now. i’m wearing t2 heavy armor and getting one shotted. with over 4k hours of play in this game i know when i see something thats off.

At level 60 with Epic Heavy Pictish, I try to avoid Corrupted Wolves unless I have a follower AND a friend with a follower. Even with the armor, a couple of solid hits from the Corrupted Wolf can kill you. Definitely, one of the nastiest enemies in the game…right up there with a White Tiger jumping out of the bushes or the Corrupted Sabre Tooth. As long as I can remember, it has always been that way.

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