Greater Sabertooth

Anything is possible I guess, I mean pre Siptah we could see the food types in their preferences list and that is missing now. Good luck with it and let us know how you get on

We use only the second tier animal building.
On official server we get 5 cubs a week, put them in with just raw pork. The average is 1-2 greaters per week. Mostly one, sometimes 2, and on one time 3.

I stopped doing it because I have 21 greaters ready to pop out of the fridge any any time.

I use t1, and raw pork on sabres. Dont fill the animal pen full of sabres do one or two at once but its prob just rng. And dont use the shadespiced anymore.

OK - I had a bit of spare time, so I ran some tests -
Singleplayer, lowest tier taming pen, on Siptah

100 kittens - Raw Pork - 21 Greater Sabretooths
100 kittens - Exotic Flesh - 17 Greater Sabretooths
100 kittens - Shadespiced Fatty Meat - 28 Greater Sabretooths

This is well within the statistical variance for the wiki data to be correct (ie: Raw Pork 20%, Exotic Flesh 15%, Shadespiced Fatty Meat 30%)

On a smaller scale, statistical variance has much greater impact, with individual batches of 5 ranging from 5 lesser and zero greater, to one lesser and four greater.

Raw Pork never produced more than 2 Greater in a single batch, but was the most consistent, with only 3 batches of zero greater.
Exotic Flesh hit 2 lesser and three greater in one batch, but also had 8 batches of zero greater. (It also had the worst straight run, with zero out of 15 (which was within a run of two greater out of 35))
Shadespiced Fatty Meat ran pretty consistently, but did get four batches of zero greater. It also went up to one lesser and four greater once, with three batches of 2 lesser and 3 greater.

Note: Where I mention ‘consistency’ that only means within this set of results. The point is that variance can skew them all over the place, and there is no reason to assume that Pork will be more consistent just because it was here (in previous tests I’ve had 3s and 4s with the pork, along with more zeroes).

As this test also shows, in order to reliably dial in to those listed percentage chances, you need to raise an enormous number - the variance will swing much more wildly with smaller sample sizes and will therefore likely be much further from the listed percentages. For reliably hitting 20%, 15% and 30%, I would expect to need to raise each category to a thousand (or ten thousand) kittens per food.

If anyone really cares about the individual batch results, let me know and I’ll type up my tallies into a table.


I got 2 from 6 with shadespiced corrupted flesh.

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Just to clarify on animal pens. They have ZERO affect on the % chance of producing greaters. The only difference between animal pens is of course durability and the time required to produce something. T1 takes a while longer than T3, so think of the tiers of animal pens like tiers of taskmasters in a wheel.



(Which is why I specified that I used t1 in the testing - to save people worrying that they needed the higher tiers - but I’ve previously done test runs in the other tiers and, as you say, it makes no difference to %)
(I really should have been clearer on that point :wink: )

For yet further clarity - there is no evidence of any difference regarding % between Siptah or EL (I specified that I used Siptah this time, for much the same reason).


We use the T2 pen because it looks better, thats it.

Just did 5 sabers, two with Shadespiced fatty meat, notta, 3 without, One greater saber. Done with Shadespiced fatty meat.

While the wiki shows a 30% chance with fatty meat and only 20% chance with just raw pork, I don’t know how accurate that is, but as easy as it is to get shadebloom, I don’t know why you wouldn’t use it for that extra 10% chance.

Some shadespiced food only gives 5% increase, so yeah, maybe not such a great use of shadebloom, but for sabertooth, wiki says it adds 10%, so that is why I always use it on sabers.

I thought my level 1 pen was jinxed. 23 sabertooths over the last month after treking across the island to get cubs, fed with mostly pork and not a single greater. I built a new T3 and after doing 6 cubs I now have 3 Greaters all from pork. Weird. But happy now.

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It’s pretty accurate - at least across large enough numbers of kittens to help reduce statistical variance - I did some testing a few days back (full results are further up the thread).

Yeah, I appreciate that. I saw a video where somebody had a problem with a crafting station and then they returned it to inventory and then placed it down again and it worked fine. Can’t remember what the bug was though. In the back of my mind the animal pen seems bugged but then again maybe I’m just that unlucky. No problem now. I have 3 cats to level up. :slight_smile:

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Hahah! (sorry, I didn’t want to be a d*ck, I’m just happy, because:)

After my loyal Fenrir died (this is not the happy part…), I ran to Icespire chasm to grab the 2 kittens. I had to drop one of them because over-cucumberance. And I got a greater one, so my RNG is 100%!

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