"Green Sword"..?

Returning player here. I have came across quite a few players on rk19 with a “green Sword”. It seems totaly OP and game breaking! So my question is: Where can I get one and ruin my game?

It’s a RK19 exclusive item that was generally given out at ARK Events during the weekends. Sadly the ARK program has been shut down so there are no new added to circulation, the only way is to get it from another player at this point.

It is totally OP and it’s generally seen as a band-aid for RK19 being very empty compared to the main server. So it makes the levling experience a bit more straight forward for those who possess them. See if you can get an invite to the Zxer bot (/tell zxer join) should be enough. There you can ask the few active players if they have a sword extra :slight_smile: