Groans of zombies. Attention developer!

I didn’t want to turn off the sound in any game, Conan was the first.
From the sounds of zombies becomes unbearable, especially when there are several of them. Disgusting sound, I beg you, remove this groaning. This is some kind of torture. Please support me.

They’re zombies, what sound did you expect them to make? Cheerful humming?


Nah, we need even more groaning, some of them should yell a bit too or make weird head shaking noises, just not the helicopter SFX from the cat :rofl: :helicopter:

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I agree, no clean necromancy here.

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The dead are silent! And in this game, their mouth should have fallen off long ago. Moaning incessantly, it is unbearable to listen every second!

Hmm, as long there is flesh and innards, there will be sounds like exhaling and farting, because of the gases produced of decay…
So… :nauseated_face:

What is best in life?
Crush your enemies
See them rot in front of you
And hear the groans
of their corpses…


I love to play with zombies, but it’s just not possible anymore, they don’t shut up, it’s unbearable, I specifically registered on the forum for this. This was supported by my friends with whom I play.

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