Reanimated Corpse growling

Dear developers. I would like to request that Reanimated Corpse growling voice to be tuned down without affecting rest of the game voices / sounds. Having undead minions is nice but as of right now, they are annoyingly loud. Specially when you spend all the time around em. Perhaps plant fiber earplugs? :melting_face:


I would like to second this. I love the changes in 3.0 and the zombies are very cool…but with even 1 following you (much less 3!), the constant growling becomes pretty distracting. Would love the ability to turn it off. As an aside, I know we can turn off/down all sounds but I love the rest of the sounds and dont want to loose that ambiance they provide.


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While not put off by it, I did notice the sound has a few too many dB compared to other sounds.

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