Obnoxious Zombie Moaning

There’s really not much else to say. Could you guys like… turn down the audio or make it more intermittent instead of blowing my speakers out?

Nah, the volume balancing has been messy since day1.
Like the mumbling from the npc and lore stone and the ear drum hurting shout from casting spells.

The volume of the noise pales to the incessant undead moaning sounds they make when they’re following you.

Which platform are you on? I’m on PC and they’re pretty quiet here.

Horses on the other hand make a ton of noise.

This one suggests a modification for Zombies.
If one includes sufficient twine in the Zombification process, they can produce silent Zombies with their mouths stitched closed.
This is also sorta creepy looking, a corpse with orifices stitched closed.
Assuming shambling rotters aren’t creepy enough.

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All my followers could shut the f—k up, as far as I’m concerned. But the zombies for sure.

Silence of the Zombies - One solution is to use an emote on them that doesn’t make much noise. You could also re-enact thriller by having them dance :grin:

As for horses, erm well i don’t believe glue makes much noise.

“We want sorcery! When will we get sorcery?!?!?”

The zombies are moaning. . . . .


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God im with you on this one…i tell my zombies to go wait somewhere away from me then do my crafting and such. Gods it becomes annoying fast.

thats the necromancer life lads - undead creatures are tend to moan and growl… get used to it =)

Can’t argue with this one.

My neighbours already think I’m a weirdo.

God knows what they think now.

Count the TchoTchos in too.
Those moan like an extremely drunk who is half asleep and half “intercoursing”.

God people like you are so annoying.

Hottest moaning ever.

I actually like it. But I am also using the shaggai as the pinnacle of annoying so my views are biased in that as long as it’s not shrieking a high pitch noise or continuously yelling “I will DESTROY YOU!”, i’m good.

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If someone wanted this kind of sorcery, they should not be playing Conan.

I set them to Juggle and they STFU

all you have to do is emote them, but if you want to have lots of fun with crazy loud zombie screams, set them all to war dance

bettter than snake dancing. Shivers.

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