Group of NPCs in Sepemeru attack PC

Platform: PC
Game mode: Singleplayer
Version: 95237/17715
Problem: Bug

Group of NPCs in Sepemeru attack PC

There is a mixed group (fighter, archer, bearer, entertainer) in north Sepemeru west of the waterside icon some dancing around a fire. They attack on sight.

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Did you open a nearby box?
I don’t think they like people taking their stuff.

In fact I did. Though they still attack me after I’ve killed them all and they’ve respawned. They seem to have long memories even beyond the grave and even rebirth. :laughing:

Haha. I’ll have to go back to see if they attack me again. I assumed it was because I opened the box, but perhaps they’re just mean.

They’re just hostile. I don’t know why. It’s two groups, actually. The Taskmaster in Westwall Prison, which I can kind of understand, and the group partying by the campfire over in Southlake, which I have no clue why they’re hostile.

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I can second this as well as also happening on xbox.

I think this is wanted but not sure about it. I stumbled through the taskmaster and the dancers while I was looking for Conan and they attacked. I had to kill them, unlucky for them :rofl:

I remember being attached by a group near the tavern where Conan is.

I think that’s the group with the dancer. Ran-san is correct, I ran around the city and it was two groups that were aggressive. The taskmaster I can understand, he wants more cronies. But I don’t get why the other group attacks, they scream about intruders but the gates are wide open.

Perhaps they are drunk??? I ran ran ran all the way home…