GSP's Christmas 2020 Brainstorming thread (AO)

I know it seems too early, but it’s time for some Christmas brainstorming. For the next two weeks, I’ll be collecting ideas at GridStream parties and here and posting them on GSP’s forum. GSP folks will help me put them in some semblance of order, and I’ll put a little more detail into our favorites, with reference images where appropriate. Then I send the whole list off to FC roughly two months before the event, hopefully around the time they patch in whatever’s new for Halloween and start planning Christmas.

Posting the official list on the GSP forums and linking to it from the AO and SWL forums worked well so far, so let’s go with that again. On the GSP forums, I don’t have to worry about dividing the list between AO and SWL, and the post length and editing restrictions are much looser, so I can manage the list better as ideas come in.

If you’d like to see what’s already in the list, the thread is at You can add to it there if you have a GSP forum account. If not, just reply to this thread and I’ll copy it over there. Or come to a show and chat about it. That’s always preferred because batting the ideas around first often makes them better, or at least clearer.

Once I’ve finalized the list, I’ll post the whole thing here too, but separated into AO and SWL posts.

And yes, you can always just post your own suggestion any time you want, but I find that these threads, especially the discussions of them at parties, bring up a lot more ideas and more of them actually get posted in a big pile FC can more easily find. So let’s hear it. What do you want Santa Leet to bring you this year?

Wreathe Back Pack

Reindeer Hover-bike

Santa Face (like the eye-patch one) but with a mask.

Dancing Nutcracker, Ballerina, & Mouse King.

Leet pet as the Mouse King

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For those who don’t follow the GSP forums and aren’t interested in the SWL side of the ideas, here’s just the AO-related ideas. If you want the whole list, they’re at that same link above.

Dear Santa Leet, the Ghost of Saint Nicholas, Michizure,
and whomsoever else, fictional or otherwise, may be working on Christmas goodies for Secret World Legends and/or Anarchy Online,

Here’s GSP’s annual brainstorming contribution of Christmas ideas. They were collected over the course of three weeks of GSP parties, plus whatever was set aside since last year. The forums were quiet again, but we got a pretty good list anyway. GSP DJs, Dancers, and staff helped put them in order so I could fill in extra details on our favorites, but as always, the whole list is here.

  1. Ubirleet pet

Ubir is one of the characters in Tarryk’s “GridStream Conundrums” skits and sweeps, a shaved zen monk leet. Is it possible to make a pet emanate an aura, called “One With the Universe”, that gives a small buff to Psychic? He should say, “Ohmmmm. Ohmmmm. I ahm wohn whihth teh yhunihverss.” on summon. Or as many more hayches as you can squeeze in. On unsummon, “Ooh! Bagels!”

  1. warm winter beverages

Hot cocoa, spiced cider, mulled wine, coffee with eggnog, peppermint mocha, horchata, wassail, etc…

Perhaps some chilled winter beverages too, for those summer planets, like cold eggnog with rum or bourbon and fresh ground imported nutmeg. But maybe that’s just the gourmet version and froobs get the strained egg whites of a creature Omni-Med’s lab interns call a “nog”, topped with flakes of something like patented nutmeg genetically engineered by a botany hobbyist to grow cheaply on Rubi-Ka.

  1. wearable knee-length Christmas stockings

Above the knee socks, red, black, and white, like the traditional Christmas Stockings you’d hang over the fireplace. Fuzzy tops and everything. (Everything but the leet peeking out of them, anyway.) Of course, in AO, anything above the knee is a leg item, so give them plain white cotton panties with a little red bow. Maybe a little cheeky, but definitely not thongs. No shoes with them, but they’re leg items, so wearing boots with them should override their foot texture, right? If you wanted to make a whole outfit out of it, sleepwear and socks for Christmas morning, a cute little white cotton demi-cami would work. Something like

  1. candy cane bikini and stockings

We’ve asked for this one a lot. Candy cane striped thigh-high stockings and a matching bikini to go with it, because if you have to include bottoms with thigh-highs, you may as well make a whole set of it. There are plenty of different interpretations to choose image references from, but the particular one I had in mind, I had to draw myself to get it right. The key detail here is the three red and three white straps for the shoulders and hips merge into the red and white stripes that make up the top and bottom. If I had the technical specifications and test environment to make it myself, I would. Heck, if I had the time to learn how, I’d make it with RK4 fabric. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found time to even fix the shoes in this example, so, do what you can with those, I guess.

  1. something sexy for men

There are a few decent suits available in both games, and there are skimpy options like speedos and mankinis, which are notably less popular on men than women, but we’re a little lacking in appealing options in between. Somewhere in between Play Costume - Holiday Series 1 and 3 is the hole in the wardrobe.

For one relatively easy example, the men’s Miiir Suit is pretty good, but could be a little better. Give it Christmas colors, perhaps several different versions in dark red, white, forest green, and/or candy cane stripes, mix and matching with gloves and boots. Throw in a little bit of shiny silver, like cufflinks, watch chain, things like that. Then add a bow tie, even with the shirt unbuttoned.

  1. wreath tube top

Wreath patterned fabric, not an actual fir branch. Maybe a bit of green fringe. Holly berries or mistletoe, perhaps. Bit of red ribbon in the front. Surprisingly hard to find any reference images for that, but I think you’ll get the idea.

  1. bring back the friendly snowballs

For years now, the Snowball Throwing Manual has been available in only the hostile and the Santa Leet’s Factory versions. Version 2.1 was the friendly one we could toss around at each other at parties. Maybe replace the 2.2 in the Christmas Gifts with that, since 2.2 can be easily obtained in the Santa Leet’s Factory missions that require it.

  1. snowflake bikini

The less scandalous version of this is a pale blue basic triangle bikini with a simple snowflake print.

The open minded science fiction version involves adjusting the snowflake nanospray machine to produce scaled down versions and apply them strategically in lieu of a cloth bikini. White pasties and a stringless thong, basically.

The compromise between them is a white mesh teddy, almost transparent like the white fishnet stockings on the 2nd and 6th Anniversary Play Costumes, with opaque snowflakes on it here and there. Like the String Vest of AUNO, but a tighter mesh. The snowflakes would stand out as the part that /doesn’t/ shimmer with moire interference. Or maybe hexagonal lace so it looks like a frosted window with snowflake decorations. Not just the mandatory three flakes as above, but a little flurry of them scattered about. Kind of like these:

  1. More bunny ears, more obtainable

Make the rest of the existing rabbit ears available in-game, and add more colors. White (actually white fur colored white) and Brown would be good for Christmas, Pink and Rainbow for Valentine’s Day, Red and Gold for Anniversary, and you could add Green and Purple to Halloween, along with Blue/Black already there. Additional colors like yellow, blonde, grey, and calico could be left for ARK Events to continue to give out as rewards. It’s also been mentioned that the existing “white” rabbit ears are a bit too grey, but not enough so to call them grey rabbit ears. White rabbits are whiter than that and grey ones are much darker.

Of course, the more colors there are, the more inventory space it will take to collect them. Combining some or all of them into color-changing ears would be nice.

  1. dancing Epicine doll

Another one of Tarryk’s skit characters, and one of the fan favorite voices in his songs. A big Atrox Martial Artist with a pink mohawk, a microphone, and two beers. If he can’t hold a mic and two beers at the same time, the mic goes on a stand.

  1. red pumps

How do we STILL not have red pumps? Can’t we just dye the white ones?

  1. red and green plaid teddy

Around the neck like a scarf, or just back of the neck, and down the front, merging like a bodysuit at the bottom. Similar design to but with a little more behind the neck. A plaid of opaque red and green stripes with strategically positioned white lace would be even better.

  1. it’s too warm for this scarf

A similar idea, but for the chest only. A colorful scarf (plaid, reindeer, Christmas tree, snowflake patterns, etc) around the neck and loose over the shoulders and down the chest in front, with nothing underneath. Because clothes would make it too warm for this scarf.

  1. ironic placard: “Placards cost too much!”

If you want other sayings for the placard to change to, some of our previous suggestions were:
“Elves are Slave Labor!”
“Elfleets are Slave Labor!”
“Merry Xmas” (with the crossed candy canes for the X)
“Cool down!”
“i [picture of a leet] j00”
“i g0t c04l dis y34r”

  1. ridable leets and/or leet-drawn sleighs

I don’t know what would be more work, making those animations or actually training leet mounts, but if you could manage it, it would be pretty fun. And a new goal for agents to get small enough to ride normal-sized leets as mounts.

  1. rolling snowman pet

Last year I suggested a snowman pet that moves by rolling its body like a rollerrat while the head remains hovering above or leans forward like BB-8. This is the same idea again, except it might be even cooler if it was a kit we could apply to those buildable snowmen to make our own in two (or three if the old basic snowman is included) varieties.

  1. Rainleet

Like an antleet, but due to an unfortunate spelling accident, keeps summoning rainstorms on himself. Either a pet or a wild critter to mug for new goodies, or possibly both. Let him drop his own summoning nano like capturing a Pokemon.

  1. wide crocheted virgin-killer minidress

I’ve suggested this before and I can’t imagine how this dropped to 18 this year. Must be too much other good stuff.

Anyway, it’s a medium grey “virgin-killer” sweater/dress, like
but with some silver threads for a little glitter. Preferably a wide gauge crochet, so even what little it covers, you could almost peek through, if only it weren’t glued in place.

  1. new hologram toy

More Holiday Hologram toys are always fun, but what effect to put in them? The old Expertise nanos had a nice torroidal particle fountain and aren’t available any more, so are rarely seen. Treatment Expertise had red and green. Pharmaceutical Expertise was more white, almost like swirling snow. Either of those would be good.

  1. red and white version of the zebra suit

  2. red satin ribbon monokini with a bow in the small of the back

  3. baby elfleets

  4. portable mail terminal

  5. tradable tinsel hat

  • like what happens when a tinfoil hat doesn’t protect you from blowing your own mind with a new conspiracy theory no one ever realized before
  • +1 to resist Kyr’Ozch game servers reading your mind over the internet and dynamically lowering the drop rate of what you’re looking for.
  1. miniature Christmas tree hovering lantern

  2. red and white glowsticks for froobs
    or just more colors for everyone

  3. snow bikini / snowball bra / snowman heads on a scarf bandeau

  4. silver tinsel lei and thong with side fringe and silver heels

  5. tiara of twined mistletoe and holly, like a laurel crown

  6. Krampus encounter
    preferably not another high level raid

  7. Negative calorie after dinner mints
    full of nanos that convert glucose into the memory of the taste of all your favorite desserts

  8. Dancing Elf (not Elfleet) doll

  • Opichix in a green bikini with a triangular fringe and a green Santa hat.
  • Full size version of that outfit for us to wear, too.
  1. Portable heating unit pet
    high-tech anti-grav notum-powered hover-sled with a lit campfire on it

  2. Wreathe Back Pack

  3. Reindeer Hover-bike

  4. Christmas stocking soft boots

  5. shoulder slot version of sprig of mistletoe
    like the Mr. Squeaky lantern, instead of util slot only
    preferably change the current sprig of mistletoe so it can be adjusted (with screwdriver) to switch between shoulder and util

  6. snow-powered flamethrower
    something that frozen excavation team should have brought. Hydrogen and Oxygen tanks to melt the snow with fire, then it captures the steam to make more hydrogen and oxygen and keep itself charged. Probably wouldn’t work as a weapon, though. Except maybe in Penumbra.

  7. wreathed tophat

  8. Christmas Tree suit, like a pants and jacket version of AO’s Tree Dress

  9. generic furry monster that eats cookies
    some kind of big shaggy monster, definitely not blue, that slowly stomps around the cities, chasing and trying to eat Gingerleets

  10. Yalmica
    a little black skullcap with a tiny model spaceship on top, gyroscopically pointing Galactic North

  11. nanospray or lantern of crickets / aliens tap dancing with Santa hats and candy canes

  12. Leet pet dressed up as the Mouse King from the Nutcracker

  13. gingerbread outfit
    like a brown disco suit with white piping

  14. Christmas Morning Memories deck slot item
    +Psychic, and maybe +B&E, Or even make it the opposite of the Beacon of the Harvester, something like -3 Agi, -2 Int, -1 Str, +4 Psy, +2 Sta, +5 Sen, +32NCU

  15. Jolly Christmassy N-95 style face masks

  16. miniature “toy” ottous pets

  17. cocoa pods for Miyashiro Superior Enhanced Coffee Machine
    so it can make hot cocoa instead of coffee

  18. inflatable Santa Claus
    spawns a statue of a jolly fat Atrox in a Santa mask, deployable like the picnic table / tent

  19. a top that is crossed bandoliers of little candy canes
    probably better as a coat/back

  20. yes-trade gingerbread cookies
    and a recipe to make the dough when there are no Gingerleets about

  21. MMO action figure playset

  • Scale model gaming PC and desk chair and a couple different players. No moving parts. (Very realistic.) Just set them up and watch them sit perfectly still like people on Earth That Was used to sit around and pretend to be fantastic creatures and futuristic people in “online games”.
  • Not meta enough? How about toy designer figurines of ancient humans modeling and painting action figures of even older game developers with backstories about the online game they’ve been developing for 20 years.
  1. Lantern of True Seeing HUD/util item with +Psychic buff

  2. ornament shoulder lantern
    just a basic sphere like the red and green ugly sweater version of the basic floating torch, maybe with a small buff, adjustable with a screwdriver for different patterns and effects

  3. Sandy Claws the Christmas beach kitty

  4. a red and white tank armour with two little Christmas bells on the chest
    kind of like the heart on the black clan tank armor

  5. pet versions of Automated Sentry - Tannen’Bau’s “Alien Jubilation System” ornamental boomballs

  6. UPH / Childhood Memories dolls with Santa hats

  7. Ghost of a Christmas Present
    an open Christmas Gift that you can click like the tent / picnic table, to spawn a translucent Christmas Gift with washed out colors
    Skroog and his minions should drop it

  8. Dancing Nutcracker, Ballerina, Mouse King dolls

  9. snowman holographic disguise or morph
    just the basic placeable snowmen, or the ones that move by rolling the body if that happens

  10. nutcracker outfit for basic Engineer cargo droids

  11. some nuts to crack, maybe walnuts, chestnuts, etc.

  12. Mr. Squeaky brand Ducknuts breakfast cereal
    super soggy miniature doughnuts with peanut butter flavor marshmallow ducks

  13. Urban winter camo holographic disguise
    a cardboard mall kiosk with a scented candle display.

  14. Christmas Tree hologram disguise or decorated advy tree morph

  15. placeable merc and militia action figures
    to stage battles in our concrete bunker froob apartments

  16. bracelets of Newbie Island shells

  • made from beach shells and gems with tiny messages etched in them by the few leets still there begging us to come take back that island
  • you would, of course, have to get to work making The Liberation of Newbie Island the next alien encounter
  1. catalog of cataclysms
    a datapad containing a book too big to print, a list of all the prophecies of the end of the world that didn’t happen and 30,000 years of near apocalypses that turned out to be not as bad as everyone thought at the time

Thanks for your continued work on our favorite worlds and for reading (at least some of) this and letting us contribute some ideas to the holiday development cycle. I hope you find at least some of it useful and/or amusing. We’re looking forward to seeing what Santa Leet and Hel bring us this year. Mostly Santa Leet, I guess. Hel and Krampus are kinda mean about it. Of course, if good ol’ Saint Nick were to make a comeback, that would be great.

– Jezebelle