GSP's Christmas 2021 Brainstorming thread (AO)

It’s the end of August and there are Halloween candies on the shelves, so it must be time to collect Christmas ideas! I know it seems crazy early, but that’s how it works out. Just pretend it’s summer Christmas, like in Australia. Or you Aussies can ponder what it’s like on the North side of the coin. For the next two weeks, I’ll be collecting ideas at GridStream parties and here, maybe even Facebook, and posting them on GSP’s forum. GSP folks will help me put them in some semblance of order, and I’ll put a little more detail into our favorites, with reference images where appropriate. Then I send the whole list off to FC roughly two months before the event, hopefully around the time they patch in whatever’s new for Halloween and start planning Christmas.

Posting the official list on the GSP forums and linking to it from these AO and SWL forums worked well so far, so let’s go with that again. On the GSP forums, I don’t have to worry about dividing the list between AO and SWL, and the post length and editing restrictions are much looser, so I can manage the list better as ideas come in.

If you’d like to see what’s already in the list, the thread is at You can add to it there if you have a GSP forum account. If not, just reply to this thread and I’ll copy it over there. Or come to a show and chat about it. That’s always preferred because batting the ideas around first often makes them better, or at least clearer.

Once I’ve finalized the list, I’ll post the whole thing here too, but separated into AO and SWL posts.

And yes, you can always just post your own suggestion any time you want, but I find that these threads, especially the discussions of them at parties, bring up a lot more ideas and more of them actually get posted in a big pile FC can more easily find. So let’s hear it. What do you want Fleet Admiral Grin’Cha and Santa Leet to bring you this year?

First with my by now standard NEW BACKPACK request… Dead Elf maybe? (hey if we can have spiders & ticks then it’s certainly possible!) Oh, wait, this is Xmas, so a Stuffed Toy Elf or Teddy Bear backpack?

A Christmas Wrapping Paper TUXEDO?

I really liked the idea in the Halloween thread of the “Junk Hoverbike”, How about one that’s a big wrapped present or maybe a conglomeration of presents?

Here’s the Anarchy-related part of the list I sent off to Santa Leet yesterday. If you’re interested in both games, you can see the combined list posted on that same thread I linked to above.

Dear Santa Leet, Michizure, and/or whichever elves might possibly be hard at work on this year’s Christmas Gifts,

Here’s GridStream’s annual brainstorming contribution of Christmas ideas for AO [and SWL, but that’s edited out for this forum]. They were collected at three weeks of GSP parties, plus a couple that came up since last time. The forums were pretty quiet, and our parties are mostly in AO these days, but we got a pretty good list anyway, and a lot of the ideas apply to SWL, too. GSP DJs, Dancers, and staff helped put them in order so I could fill in extra details on our favorites, but as always, the whole list is here.

  1. Little Red Dress with long white stockings and sleeves
    A barely-there red dress, neckline all the way down to the navel, hem all the way up to the panties, no back, and a little bit of scalloped gold embroidery about the hem. Basically a red version of Play Costume - Fifth Edition. Then add sheer white lacy elbow-length gloves, matching white thigh-high stay-up stockings, red heels, and a gold necklace with a silver snowflake.

  2. red and white thongs to go with the red and white thongs
    AO needs red and white flip-flop sandals to match the Naughty List Bikini because White Pumps at a Christmas beach party are awful

  3. green version of zebra print outfit
    Who says there can’t be critters just like zebras on other worlds, but with green stripes instead? I don’t know what you’d call them, but animal print bodysuits based on them seem pretty obvious. And red ones, too, even if they’d kinda look like candy cane horses. I expect pet candy cane horses to be on the next list.

  4. gift shopping quest
    To really capture the spirit of contemporary Christmas, the elfleets should have a wishlist they need help filling and we’d have to go buy the stuff from various stores, if we can find it before it’s sold out.

  5. Snow-Dancing Santa Claus
    Dancing Santa Claus Doll that does a little dance one might interpret as a northern tribal snow-dance, then explodes into a snow shower

  6. leets in Naughty List boxers
    With ragged holes chewed in the back for those thick tails. If you thought scissors were hard to use with no thumb, try it with no hands.

  7. fruitcake version of extruder bars
    If you thought the tasteless paste one was bad… Are those colorful bits candied fruits or QL1 gems? A reusable extruder, like the Exquisite Chocolates, but the fruitcake bars it produces float phrases like “Ow, my jaw!” and “Fruit doesn’t make that sound.” and “Too much adobe.” Maybe it’s even dangerous. Maybe it’s so dense that exposing it to ionizing radiation could cause it to collapse into a black hole. Maybe don’t try it, just in case.

  8. return of the Snowball v2.1 (the social one)
    For years, only two different versions of hostile snowballs have been available. The Version 2.1 snowball that is usable at parties isn’t available at all. A neat way to make this available again would be to add to its effect a chance to spawn a (Unique) Snowball Throwing Manual v2.1 on the target if they don’t know the nano.

  9. ridable giant leet mounts, sabertooths, silvertails, and rafters
    Yeah, that’s probably asking a bit much, but it’s brainstorming, right?

  10. new Christmas bikinis in other colors, combinations of red, green, silver, gold, and white
    The same style as the Naughty List Bikini would be fine. Just pick a different design and change the colors of the panels and straps. Like white snowman heads on a green bikini with gold straps or red ornaments on a gold bikini with silver straps or some such combination. And, of course, SWL needs the classic green, red, and white that AO has had for so long.

  11. Candycane striped thigh-high leggings
    Because that probably needs to be a whole leg item, here are some options for whole outfits that could be a part of:

  • candy cane striped deep-v mini-dress, short enough to see a couple inches of thigh between the hem and the stockings, like Play Costume - Fifth Edition
  • candy striped miniskirt and crop top, like Play Costume - Sixth Edition
  • translucent dress the color of a green gumdrop with opaque white “sugar crystals” like Swarovski crystals and strategially placed starbursts
  • or my favorite stripey strappy bikini option, triple-strap triangle bra and tanga bottom with red straps that merge right into the red stripes on the panels
    GridStream Productions • View topic - Jezebelle's Fashions
  1. snow leopard catgirl (3 items)
  • white version of the fashionable snowsuit with grey leopard spots for details and pockets and so on
  • blonde catgirl morph with her tail and ears dyed white and that outfit on
  • white bikini top (no spots, just white) to go with the basic white thong for when you want to go inside and take the suit off but still match the ears and tail
  1. Color-changing tights like the Halloween Wicked Tights, but in red/white, green/red, and white/green

  2. red pumps
    How do we still not have red pumps? Just dye some of the white ones already.

  1. pants that actually go with the Christmas sweaters
    Personally, I always thought the whole point of Traditional Ugly Christmas Sweater was that it doesn’t go with anything, but there does seem to be some demand for something to wear it with. Maybe not something that matches, exactly. Maybe just a pants version of the same theme, making an almost coherent outfit. Maybe something in almost the same red, with a mistletoe and holly belt, white stripes down the sides, and holly on the back pockets.
  1. plushie holdable tree / Christmas Tree doll
    Same model as the placeable/deployable Christmas Tree, but scaled down and holdable, like the action figures.

  2. sheer red backless babydoll nightie with an opaque maribu neckline and white lace panties
    A neckline so deep and wide that the one inch of fluffy white maribu trim covers the R-rated bits, like the hula lei. A simple tie gathers it back together below the breasts, tying like an apron at the lower back. The two halves that don’t quite meet below that only come half-way down the buttocks and the front just meets the top of the white panties, so the opaque white straps are visible through the sheer red gauze.A neckline so deep and wide that the one inch of fluffy white maribu trim covers the nipples, like the hula lei. A simple tie gathers it back together below the breasts, tying like an apron at the small of the back. The two halves that don’t quite meet below that only come half-way down the buttocks and the front barely meets the top of the white panties, so the opaque white straps are visible through the sheer red gauze at the hips.
    I looked for a photo reference for this, but couldn’t quite find what I had in mind. I hope you can get a clear enough idea what I mean from that description because posting half a dozen partially similar racy lingerie shots would probably trigger either censorship or spam protection.

  3. leet catapult to fling leets into low orbit for no reason
    … which really isn’t as weird as it seems. Could be a transportation system for advies. Or possibly a siege weapon, depending on how well it’s aimed.

  4. Christmas wrapping paper tuxedo / teddy

  5. strapless bandeau-style wreath bikini

  6. red ribbon bandeau and a thong with a gold star in front and a bow in back

  7. wieldable social scissors
    The kind for cutting wrapping paper and ribbons and tape. The rounded safety scissors that do 1-1(1) damage, apply -32767 runspeed and have a warning not to run while holding them

  8. A placard that says all I want for Xmas is a placard that says “All I want for Xmas is a placard that says…”
    click to change to a “no hippos” sign

  9. Red Raider Pellet Gun
    A compressed air-powered steel pellet rifle obviously legally distinct from the Red Ryder BB Gun, despite the fact that it clearly has a blind proc. And possibly a stylized logo of a little girl in a red cloak scouting the forest with a rifle and a picnic basket. It may also have a remote but over-hyped chance of richeting and hitting the user with that blind proc.

  10. Sad melting snowman

  11. mini Yutto pet, snow white or possibly wearing a Santa robe

  12. Pumpkinhead Santa, with a sleigh drawn by reindeer Lutzies (Atroxes with reindeer heads)

  13. Elfleets making Critsmiss
    a shoulder/util Elfleet charm that increases your resistance to critical hits

  14. Chillyrat ambush perch
    a wild Chillyrat in place of the head of a snowman, just waiting for someone to get curious and walk up so they can scream, roll on down, and chase

  15. placeable decoration gifts to go under our trees

  16. Butterfly shoulder lantern
    definitely a butterfly and not an attention-starved glowing pixie
    possibly flapping like the random client-side environmental ones

  17. miniature Christmas trees, as decorations and/or lanterns
    decorations would be just like the normal tree, only smaller
    lanterns would be tiny but provide a nice (average white) glow with their colorful bulbs

  18. igloos and snow-covered tents big enough to actually sit in
    might require Atrox Enforcer and Opifex Agent and Solitus Soldier sizes

  19. gingerbread costume
    like a brown jogging suit with white piping and a few colorful buttons

  20. miniature gofle/beit pets with fawn spots

  21. Christmas version of the Valentine’s card with a Santa Leet or a Christmas Tree on it

  22. Christmas beach towels for summer planets and Australia

  23. collections of classic favorite Christmas movies in pill form
    Like those pill packs of nano buffs you randomly find in missions, but instead of containing a buffing nano, it contains the memories of having just watched some classic movies

  24. Omni-Med Holiday Spirit Pills
    Nanotech to adjust your brain chemistry and put you in the mood to relax and celebrate and go out and buy things (from Omni stores) to decorate your apartment with and give away as gifts, in single, multipack, and year supply boxes
    (Combines well with Mnemobytes and Holiday Energy Butter Cookies, both also on this list)

  25. teddy bear backpack
    whole and cute, not torn up and creepy like the Terrifying Plush undead teddy

  26. stuffed toy elf backpack, perhaps sitting on a wrapped gift like the classic “elf on a shelf”

  27. light blue jumpers with white snowflakes and icicles (sweaters/jumpsuit)

  28. tiny mouse-sized leet stirring a mug of cocoa
    … just like the mouse in The Night Before Christmas wasn’t

  29. model starships of Atlantean and Rimor, either placeable decorations or hovering pets like Balloons

  30. Quarantine Yeti costume

  31. colored snowblowers

  32. black pajamas with white snowflakes, same style as the pink heart ones, but looks like Christmas Eve night snow

  33. hastily assembled hoverbike made of custom parts still in their Christmas Gift boxes
    snapped together without even unwrapping them, so it’s just a bunch of gift-wrapped boxes stuck together with controls sticking out and thrusters exposed where they burned through the boxes. Not especially aerodynamic.

  34. Clicky toy that causes butterflies to swarm up around you and fly away

  35. Mnemobytes
    “New, from the same department that brought you Omni-Med Butter Cakes and Shock Trooper Muffins: it’s Mnemobytes! Having a down holiday and need a bite of cheer? The chocolate coated candy bits in these cookies have a nanobot filling that goes straight to your hippocampus and triggers memories of your favorite smells and tastes from past holidays! New and improved to trigger on the holidays of the same time of year! Mnemobytes taste like happy!”

  36. pepper spray with the capsaicin charge replaced with holiday scented oils
    peppermint, wintergreen mint, cinnamon apple, vanilla butter cookies, mulled wine, turkey gravy and sage onion stuffing, spiced fruit (apple, pumpkin, mincemeat) pies, other Christmas smells, perhaps as random floating text like the exquisite chocolates
    causes no damage, but may cause confusion, distraction, nostalgia, and stomach grumbles

  37. sand snowmen

  38. gingerbread man shoulder lantern
    or gingerbread woman, heart, leet, yutto… or even give us a tradeskill to combine a Light Bar with a cookie and make it a lantern

  39. Christmas gnomes
    little ceramic yuttos in Santa hats

  40. Omni-Med Butter Cookies with nanobot frosting for +healdelta +nanodelta holiday energy.

  41. new clickable Dancing Doll toys of Grin’Cha, Father Time, Skroog’Khazoh, and the “Automated Sentry - Tannen’Bau” Christmas Tree

  42. A new painting: “Bored ghost in a snowstorm trying to make a snowman but sadly unable to touch anything”. It’s a white rectangle.

  43. giftwrapped hoverbike, still in the wrapping paper and ribbons

  44. eggnog with a coma warning, for sipping only
    made with immiscible swirls of red and green liquids legally distinct from a certain well known red and green flavored coma-inducing cough syrup

  45. Gingerbread house you wear on your head
    AO has that old no-trade cathedral-looking one that doesn’t drop any more. That model should work.

  46. Holly Jolly Omni-Tek Uniforms
    like Omni-Tek Suit and Med Suit in red with green and silver

  47. Music box Christmas Gift
    plays some simple holiday jingle you’d have to come up with, like something based on the game’s theme, but played by a music box, or something public domain, like Jingle Bells or Silent Night

  48. Snowman bucket
    like the Pumpkin Basket but white with a coal smile, or a bucket of melted snowman with a carrot and bow tie floating in it

  49. Christmas fruits like oranges, tangerines, satsumas

Thanks for your continued work on our favorite worlds and for reading (at least some of) this and letting us contribute some ideas to the holiday development cycle. I hope you find at least some of it useful or at least amusing.

– Jezebelle



It’s a Christmas wishlist. It’s all wishful thinking. That’s the whole point. And I hardly think some of the North Pole elves Amazon put out of a job getting work at FunCom is the most far-fetched idea there.

Won’t lie. Got baited by the profile pic. Read the whole thing. Honestly :yum:

Likely why they still use it.