Guardian combo&feat design is total failure

This is my final conclusion for PvE balance.
To balance tanks, we need to balance Conq - Guard, to balance them with DT as well there is 2 ways:

  1. Replace DT VoM, with an ability similar to Shadowed Soul with added Spell penetration, Magic Dmg buff and it’s anti CCs. Make it something worthy like other class Gold Perks.

This will nerf DT so not much crits right? Well, we can add additional Critical Chance on combos/ feats as other classes have in a similar and balanced level and make bosses respond to dmg for DT as they respond for other tanks as well, by tweaking their ‘‘Protection’’ thus our magic dmg will not over-aggro them.

Many might not agree but if you know how to proc your dmg output this wont be a problem. That’s how every other tank builds dmg anyway.

And boost Guardian dmg as much as necessary and lower Conqueror armor penetration a bit.

Unless we increase spell penetration/ armor penetration after that as well, for the other tanks in a similar level but ‘‘DPS classes will hate us for that’’ so i don’t believe that will be good.

  1. Boost Guardian dmg. It’s the most simple way.

As for PvP, i can’t reach a final conclusion because of inexperience, so i leave it to those who know better.

Conq is actually fine in pve now, the critical problem of DT is the 125% crit dmg buff from vom, and this overpower buff make another dps class can going all out brainlessly after DT land a combo. This definitely is not a good phenomenon when dps class doesn’t ever need to learn how to control dps and using hate dump. The problem of guardian now is definitely the BV mechanic being nerfed to ground, BV is actually the soul of guardian, when we have aggro we won’t get BV stack, when teammate holding aggro we will start getting stacks quickly and doing burst BV dmg every 8 sec to get it back and doing a smooth natural aggro swap. But now the BV combo dmg cannot even out dps the weapon bonus from stacks, it makes all guardians fully ignore the soul mechanic of guardian, I wonder how many guardian still has his BV combo on his hotbar. This definitely is not a good phenomenon too when a class fully ignore its soul mechanic.

  1. DT 125% crit dmg vom buff should be lowered to at least 75%-100%, maybe even more on all vom buffs, so that dps can actually start learning how to control dps but not pewpewpew without brain.
  2. Guardian BV combo must be buffed to a level that it worths to consume the stacks, I think around around 2k damage is good. So guardian may still has a chance to fight aggro against conq/DT.

I agree with most that Jugg tree needs help and also agree that it probably wont happen but… a few simple minor value adjustments would be easier to implement. increase prowess from 1% to 5% for each point invested. Increase the overall time of wrath stacks to 20 seconds like vengeance and increase savage strikes to 150/300/450/600/750 combat rating. None of these would be game breaking.

Would love to see BV as a usable combo. Havent had it on my hotbar for years!

As far as tempest(I have a pvp10 guard) I’m ok with it. Could it be better, of course but every class can say that about their own.
Tempest tanking, awful! I dont see FC ever rebuilding a tree so not even going to bother.

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you think? :stuck_out_tongue:

grey damage or “kill damage” afaik means that your combo rolled for fatality, and it can be crit (doesn’t have to be) and that it’s a crit is hidden in the combat log too, sadly.

also about that kill I don’t see anything sketchy with it - if there’s was anything sketchy it’s involving thirst for blood, which I used to think was showing the wrong tooltip, but I don’t know anymore. probably not, it’s just strong to get 7x buffs of 20%, or whatever it is.

That necro may have been turned in a way which made his back exposed to the right side finisher, so that’s 20% boost, and there was fatality buff up, which is another 20% boost. this more than compensates for def stance being up. exile wasn’t up though. if the necro had offensive accessories too, it’s easily damage in that range + there is the theory about the all weapon damage buffs also rolling through the spread in dmg of your weapon (181-317)… meaning the dps number you see in your stats tab is simply an average, which can be very misleading when you have a lot of weapon damage buffs.

Idk on my conq every solo dungeons are easy as eating a cake while my guard struggling so hard. Maybe taking some debuff, healing from conq woudlnt affect much on group pve but would be good nerf for pvp.
But i agree on dt and guard. For guard, burffing Wraith would be fair too. I think it should give double bonus or extend stacks. So it can provide decent dps while tanking or soloing, but it wont affect in PVP that much

Yeah thats what i was considering. With massive crit damage% it might possible? One thing that he was on defensive stance still makes me to think its buggy but he had stacked blood thirst, rampaging horde, fatality buff, etc etc. So maybe… maybe…

the most shocking thing about that clip is how that necro almost was able to avoid that oneshot with the most pre-emptive use of subtle illusion I have ever seen.

btw that guard could be running precise strikes too, -1200 armor (including feat) on a necro without defensive accessories amps up the dmg quite a bit.

Why would everyone complain about guard when its the best tank when it comes to progression content? Only problem is we don`t have any, so dt being overgeared just killing it :smiley:
ask for more content ,not for nerf/buff

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because it makes sense to balance the class around what the game is, not around what the game should be. But who are we kiddin its not happening regardless :dancer:

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At this point it would be a great update for the game if you could play all the current content in another manner (polearm tanking with the intended mechanics actually functioning)

but yeah, not gonna happend

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may be…
but it doesn`t make sence to balance some class around what game is rather than make game what it should be aka add new content :wink:

I disagree, if the game is in maintenance-mode the game should be balanced around what the game is. Not kept in a broken state while hoping to get content they already said wont come.

And besides, guard lost the edge it has in survival once t6 gear was released, a t6 dt or conq can tank the hard hitting bosses just as well as guard nowadays since they dont have to compromise between survival gear and aggrogear anymore.

Actually being sturdy doesnt matter anymore because so many op gears are given to soldiers nowdays. Personally i prefer dt or atleast conq for 6man instance. They’re faster and safer from aggro spike.
Thats why i want more dps options for guard in pve(buffing Wraith would be fair). Or just nerf the other soldiers. That’s actually better solution but bunch of selfish players will protect these classes so hard.

In pvp, i acutally dont want additional dps to kill someone. Because thats basically Conq 2.0. I just want more interesting stuffs to help guard in pvp. Like stamina burning from Disable. Its pretty interesting approach to enjoy pvp. Maybe giving “stamina potion remove” effect to guard would be very interesting, which barb has.
Andddd its just an idea but replacing Lightning Reflexes with “Maneuver : Overcharge - all of guardian’s polearm attacks are converted to electric damage. And Gives 5% movement speed” would be some interesting change for guard. With some visual effect.
But whatever. Nothing gonna happen.

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if the game is in maintenance-mode , it shouldnt get any balance at all... otherwise its not maintenance-mode imo

Instead of giving your own definition of maintenancemode you can look up funcoms where they stated small updates could be expected but nothing larger scaled as expansions raids or adventure-packs. But even if they would release a raid guardians doesnt have the edge it once did, so for me your argument ends there.


To be fair, this maintenance mode game just got two patches of new content in the past 6 months.

Not sure what you’d call that tbh. I don’t think it’s maintenance mode, but I also don’t think it’s fair to say it’s being actively developed daily.

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I would still call it maintenance mode, but with a twist of adding two sandpits no one asked for. If you cant invest enough to give players what they want, its easier to hold the players hostage with a shinie in the end of the tunnel. My point tho was that we cant expect a new endgame raid in this game.


According to the leaderboard of waves completed and people farming it every single day, it’s pretty popular with a certain group of players.

i would like to know what’s the average wave played.

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Crazy guess: 1-5 !