Guph drop rates (increase possible?)

Is there any chance we can have guph rare drops increased a little? :slight_smile:

I’ve been farming like a deranged peasant for a carrier craft drop but no luck so far. I’ve estimated the chance at it to be 50% for about 40 hours of farming (lvl50-100 spot) - that’s insane.

Maybe just the last few days of the event?

Doesn’t hurt asking I guess :slight_smile:

The chance of getting an ultra rare drop seems to be around 0.5%.
This is not counting Ring of Essence/Endurance or Nano Targeting Helper which seem to be slightly more common, nor BBQ Pillow or Freedom Arms which seem to be even more common.

That leaves us with 0.5% for a chance of the pool of the 25 other rares.
Trying to get one specific rare out of those would be a 0.02% chance.
That’s on average 5000 kills per drop.

GUPH seem to have a randomized timer and could be anywhere from 5 minutes to 30+ minutes
If we make up an average time, say 10 minutes per GUPH on average, thats 833,3 hours (or 37.7 days of active gametime) to find the item you’re seeking.

But it doesn’t stop there.

And then you’d probably want that item at the correct quality level to either ;
A: Be able to equip it in the first place
B: Have it high enough Quality level to be useful

So you better hope you get it right the first time!

I support the suggestion, I don’t know the hard coded drop chances, but I have done extensive farming both this and last year, but I suggest running the numbers and double checking the math.

Either we are all incredibly unlucky, or the system is a tough one!

Forgot to add a factor to my massive number of 833,3 hours.
This assumes 1 spawn point, whereas GUPH spawns with multiples.

The 50-100 spot has 9 possible GUPH spawns, so just divide the hours with the number of spawn points to get a more realistic 92.5 hours (or 3.8 days) of active gametime, assuming full control of the zone!

My math is :

Chance for a specific rare item (random QL) : 0.5% (drop chance) / 25 (number of rares) = 0.02% = 1/5000.

Respawn time : 50% chance every 5 minutes. I don’t know what the average is (mathematically) so let’s say 9 minutes (probably less) cos we have 9 spawn points at lvl50-100. That’s a spawn every 1 minutes.

Now if we roll a 5000-faced dice 3500 times we have almost exactly 50% chance for a desired drop.

So let’s convert to time : 3500 minutes is about 58 hours. :confused:

Hence the average time is a bit less than 58 hours assuming full control of the zone and not wasting any time (which is not going to happen :slight_smile: )