Hacked account - i want my items back

Hi, can you tell me how is possible to hacked my acc ?? Yesterday in 11pm i goes asleap.
Now, 8 hours later, my char is naked, most of boxes empty instead of thousands of goods, steel tools, in my inventory is Gruel and i never made one with this char. Wheel of pain are empty and all archers are still on walls, doors stands and my castle too.
So tell me. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE ?? You dont have any protection ? Steam is protected so it must be your fault. And dont delete my posts again !!!
This is madness … Game so expensive, and still full of bugs and now this…
I want rollback on my char to possition in yesterday 11PM !!!
And i promiss you… if you delete this post or dont give me that items back… I post this negative report on every topic and servers i know… steam, redit atc…

Sounds like you got raided by someone, thats a feature. Its part of the game lol. Go play on a pve no loot drop and no building damage server.

Thats no raid … defenders stands on their post, walls and doors unharmed and most of items directly from my char are gone… Thats no raid
Raid looks totaly diferent

I think that was some saboteur or probaply some of bugs. I looged into someone acc too… few weeks ago i loged into game and have completely diferent items. After reconect its fixed and my items was back.


Uh huh… We need to be able to rate posts as funny.

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